Emergency Residential Roof Repair

5 Things To Do When You Need Emergency
Residential Roof Repair During A
Disaster In Aledo, TX

When Disaster Strikes, A
Roofing Contractor Will
Be Your Hero

Mother Nature can wreak havoc on an area during any time of the year. What do you do when you need Aledo, TX residential roof repair if your roof has been involved in a disaster?

Large storms that roll through the Parker County area can cause damage to roofs, even if your roof is relatively new. After all, storms in the region have been associated with high winds and large hail, which can significantly affect your roof.

When disaster does strike, getting your roof repaired or replaced is often at the top of the list of things to do. After all, who wants to leave their roof in poor shape, allowing rain to leak into their home? No one!

With this being said, here are the five things to do when you need residential roof repair after a disaster has struck the area.

1. Your Safety Is Above A Roof Repair:
Take Steps To Be Safe

Yes, your roof may be damaged and need repair, but you must consider your and your family’s safety first.

If your roof is missing sections or looks like it could cave in at any moment, you need to ensure that there are no people inside your home. Your safety should always come first.

That may mean you have to leave your home briefly while you have the roof inspected. Go to the home of a neighbor, family, or friend while you wait to get the clearance that it is safe. If these homes are not options, then checking into a hotel is worth the night’s cost compared to what could happen if your roof is unsafe.

2. Call A Roofing Contractor

Next, you need to call a roofing contractor to examine the roof. During the inspection, the professional roofer may determine there is damage, but it is otherwise safe for you to stay home.

The professional will determine what is needed to get your roof back into tip-top shape and review your options.

3. Before Residential Roof Repair, Your Roof May Be Tarped

Remember, during a weather disaster, you are likely one of many people needing residential roof repairs. For that reason, your roofing contractor may tarp your roof to prevent further damage while you wait for repairs.

This is especially true if your home insurance will be involved in repairing your roof, as the insurance company will need to see the damage.

Can you tarp the roof on your own? This is a common question that homeowners ask. The answer depends on you.

For example, can you safely do this without risking injury? Are you comfortable doing it?

Yes, you can place a tarp on your roof if you can handle it to prevent further damage to your home. But we suggest letting the professionals handle this process to ensure it’s done right and safely.

4. Contact Your Home Insurance Company
About Needed Roof Repair

If you are going to use your home insurance to cover the repair, you need to contact them as soon as possible. An adjuster will visit your home to note the damage and determine whether your insurance claim is justified.

While many people may call their home insurance first, if you know the roofer you want to work with, they can often have a proposal already made to give your insurance company about the work that needs to be done.

Working with a roofer who helps with insurance claims can significantly benefit you. It can make the repair process less stressful since they can help you through the ordeal.

5. Have The Recommended Roofing Services Completed

Once your insurance has given you the go-ahead, if you go the route, or when the roofer can fit your roof repair into their schedule, get the work done. Most roof repairs take a day or so to complete, whereas a roof replacement may take a day or longer, depending on the size.

Your roofing contractor will have a timeframe of how long it will take to get your roof back into fighting shape.

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