Don’t Replace A Roof You Can Repair

Don’t Replace A Roof You Can Repair

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Most homeowners dread the idea of roof replacement. It is an expensive, disruptive and overwhelming project that can put other home improvement projects on hold. Fortunately, not all roof damage requires a full-on replacement. A skilled roofer in Fort Worth should be able to resolve a great deal of problems with less extensive repairs.

A properly installed roof should last the homeowner at least 20 to 25 years. Given the cost of a new roof, it is wise to repair it as issues arise rather than wait for the problems to amass into a total roof failure. This requires some vigilance on the part of the homeowner, including regular cleaning and maintenance. Take the time to look at your roof periodically, from both inside and out, to stay ahead of potential problems.

Before calling in a professional roofer in Fort Worth, do some investigatory work on your own. Make a list of potential issues to give to your roofer so he or she can give you an accurate assessment of the repairs needed. While you will not be able to identify all of the issues, as many of them are under the surface, there are still easily recognizable symptoms of a roof in need of repair.

One of the easiest signs of a damaged roof to identify is missing or disfigured shingles. If your roof seems to be shedding shingles with relative frequency, it may need to be replaced. However, if the missing shingles are a result of wind damage, you may only need the affected area repaired. Your roofing contractor can determine whether the problem is isolated or indicative of a larger issue.

When hiring a roofer in Fort Worth, be sure to find one who will consider repairs over replacement. Some companies want to squeeze their customers for every penny they’re worth; be sure to work with one who has your interests and budget in mind.