Does Your Roof Need A Repair?

Does Your Roof Need A Repair?

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You may have shingles that have seen better days or unexplained moist spots on your top floors. You are hoping your roof doesn’t require a replacement, and it is likely that a few repairs will take care of the problem. If you see the following signs, contact an expert in roof repair in Fort Worth to diagnose the issue and propose solutions.

Trouble With Shingles

Damaged shingles are usually the first indication that something is wrong with your roof. There may be simple, external damage that can be taken care of by replacing individual shingles. Cracks signal damage from wind or other elements. It may seem like a basic task to fix shingles, but you may want to be sure the right materials are used, you may not want to get on the roof to do the job and may not find shingles that match precisely. That is when you need expert roofing.

Another issue that can happen with shingles is dark discoloration that is a sign of algae growth. This is mainly an aesthetic issue, but it is difficult to get rid of, unless you scrub the shingles with bleach. Moss commonly grows on roofs if there is excess moisture, and could be an indication of drainage problems. Look for specialist in roof repair in Fort Worth if you have many shingles that are curled outward or inward, since this is a sign of a major leak.

Moisture and Sunlight

If you see moist spots in the carpet of your top floors or in the walls, the moisture could result from a leak on the roof. Also, if you are able to see sunlight through your roof, it might be wearing thin. In these cases, discuss a full roof replacement. If your entire roof is sagging, it is imperative to install a new roof promptly.

Don’t despair if you have curled or cracked shingles or moss, since roof repair in Fort Worth may be a cure for a problem. However, more severe issues, such as sagging and major leaks may be signs that you need a replacement roof.