DIY Roof Repair: Does It Really Save You Money?

Does DIY Fort Worth, TX, Roof Repair
Really Save You Money?

Before Embarking On Texas Roofing And Leak Repair,
Consider All The Factors

In the age of YouTube and Pinterest, DIY home projects in Fort Worth, TX, may sound enticing, but not all of them are worth the money-savings. Projects like roof repair might sound simple enough, but if done incorrectly, it can lead to a number of issues. Quality roof repair involves more than just quick patch-up jobs, so it is better left to the professionals.

At First Texas Roofing, we’ve seen Fort Worth, TX, homeowners try to repair their own roofs – few have been successful, while many have not. We understand how saving money sounds like a great option. However, roof repair requires trained skills and expert knowledge. Roof installers and technicians undergo intense training for a reason. 

While some home projects are DIY friendly, roof repair is not one of them. Leave roof repair up to the pros! Here are some reasons why amateurs shouldn’t attempt this intensive project. 


Safety should be everyone’s main priority. After all, if you get hurt on a project, you jeopardize yourself and the project. At this point, you’ll probably ask yourself if it was even worth it. Roof repair involves many elements of danger, from heights to ladders, power equipment, and even hammers and nails.

Overhanging tree limbs and electrical lines are also dangerous elements to be aware of. Anytime you climb a ladder, especially at great heights, you put yourself at risk for a fall. It only takes one misstep to plummet back to Earth. No one wants to sit in a sling for three months to save a buck on roof repair. 

Professional roofers are not only trained in roof installation, but they’re also trained in safety. Plus, professionals have the proper equipment to stay safe while completing their work, from helmets to goggles to safety lines. If attempting to repair your roof without safety equipment, you might be looking at extensive hospital bills and long-term health risks. 

You’ll Void Your Roof Warranty

Before attempting to repair your roof, read through your roofing warranty. Most warranties contain a clause that states if you do your own repairs or hire a company that didn’t do the original installment, your warranty will be voided. 

This can go for both your product manufacturer and labor warranty. It’s meant to protect the company against any damages that might occur without their knowledge. Roofing companies can only guarantee their own work and, therefore, can’t take on the issues caused by another company.

Once you read over your warranty, you might be pleasantly surprised to see that you won’t need to make your own repairs, as the warranty might cover the issue anyway. It’s best to inquire about the required repair or damage from your original roof installer to see what is covered and what isn’t if you are still in question. 

You Might Cause Further Damage

Though one shingle replacement might sound simple enough, there’s a chance there’s a deeper issue you aren’t noticing. A trained eye can detect and address hidden damages before they become more significant.

If you don’t know what to look for and only fix the cosmetic damage, you put your roof at risk for further, costly damage. Underlying water damage or moisture can lead to structural damage and wood rot, which require expensive and invasive repairs. 

Also, if you don’t repair your roof correctly, you might make your roof vulnerable in the future. Incorrect repairs can lead to weak spots, mold, and high susceptibility to storm damage. You may pay for it immensely later on by trying to save money now.

Wrong Materials And Tools

Unless you’re a contractor, you probably don’t have the right materials and tools to complete a quality roof repair. Since roof materials are sourced from multiple manufacturers, finding the exact replacement or repair pieces you need for your specific roof can be difficult. 

Mixing and matching roof materials from various sources put your roof at risk for vulnerabilities. Also, you need to conduct proper research to know what materials are high-quality and which ones aren’t. Cheaper isn’t always better when it comes to roofing materials. 

Plus, most homeowners don’t keep professional roofing tools and equipment on hand, forcing them to use makeshift tools. Though we’ve seen some creative uses of tools in our day, it’s always best to use the real thing. Professional equipment helps ensure the repair is made correctly and will last. 

When It Comes To Roof Repair, Leave It Up
To The Fort Worth, TX, Pros

We’ve seen many DIY roof repairs go wrong in Fort Worth, TX, and we want to save our customers the hassle, time, and money it takes to repair those issues. At First Texas Roofing, we provide expert installation, fantastic products, and fair prices to ensure a high-quality, low-stress roof repair.

Roof repairs and replacements are what we do – we’re expertly trained, highly skilled, and have over 15 years of experience to back it all up. Plus, we’re committed to giving our valued customers the best in service and communication, meaning you’ll always be listened to and treated with the respect you deserve.

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