Cool Roof Options For Your Home

Cool Roof Options For Your Home

With heating and air conditioning costs on the rise, homeowners need to do everything they can to keep their home more energy efficient. One of the things that you can do is to upgrade to a cool roof. The roof of your home can either absorb the rays or reflect it. With the amount of sunlight that Texas receives, it’s important to talk to roofers in Burleson who can help you reduce the amount of heat absorbed by your roof. Learn more about cool roof options.

White Roofs

A white roof is generally painted white, but it could also be using a lighter-colored shingle or material on your roof. White roofs reflect heat more effectively. The solar reflective index (SRI) is the roof’s ability to reflect the sun’s rays. A black roof, the traditional dark-colored roof, has a lower SRI rating than white roofs. If you’ve ever worn a dark t-shirt on a hot day, you understand this phenomenon. Not only does the black shirt absorb the sun’s rays, it also doesn’t allow it to radiate the absorbed heat. Black roofs operate in much the same method.

Reflective Roofs

Roofers in Burleson can apply a substance to your roof to help reflect the sunlight and cool the home. Think about reducing your energy costs by 10 to 20 percent each month, especially throughout the summer which seems to last longer each year. A reflective roof might be the option if you aren’t ready to replace your roof at this time.

Ask Your Roofer For The Best Options

Talk to roofers in Burleson who can help you determine the best course of action for your roof. The age of your shingles and warranty may make a difference in how you should proceed. Saving energy isn’t just good for your pocketbook, but it also reduces your carbon footprint. New technologies make installing a cool roof easier than ever. Discuss your needs with a professional today.