Common Roofing Problems In Texas

Common Roofing Problems In Texas

Texas is a great state, but it does have its issues. The elements cause a lot of stress on your home, especially the roof. Typically, it seems like there’s a drought in the summer, but this year the rains have been awful. Here are some of the most common roofing problems that happen due to Texas weather. Check with a professional roofing company in Dublin to make repairs.

Wind Damage

Strong winds low roofing material off your home. It’s not just shingles that are damaged, but the felt and sheathing underneath that protects your house. If you have a tree close to your roof, high winds can damage your roof in another way when the limbs impact the roof. Have your roof inspected annually by a roofing company in Dublin to make sure the wind hasn’t damaged it.

Water Damage

Roof runoff can ruin your gutters, eaves, and downspout when the rains come harder than your home’s roofing system can handle. This past year was rough on homes when Texas received almost 17 inches of rain during May. Normal rainfall is about two to three inches. This added water also put stress on flashing, the material that goes over the joints in your roof.

Summer Hail

Hail can break windows and skylights, but it’s also extremely hard on your roof. That summer hailstorm weakens the structure of your roof. No matter what type of roof you have, it should be inspected after a hailstorm.

Professional Inspection

You may not have the equipment to fully get out and check on your roof. Even if you do have a ladder, it’s easy for the untrained eye to miss small details of deterioration on the roof. Don’t let the Texas weather damage your home. Check with your roofing company in Dublin annually to make the most of your roofing warranty and insurance. Protect your investment by taking care of your roof.