Common Roof Issues Requiring Commercial Roof Repair In Weatherford, TX

Five Common Issues That Require Commercial
Roof Repair In Weatherford, TX

Letting Experienced Professionals Find
Roof Issues Now Means
Less Hassle Later

Whenever a commercial building needs a roof inspection, don’t be surprised if you require Weatherford, TX commercial roof repair. No, that doesn’t mean you should avoid an inspection to avoid a repair bill.

A roof inspection can find those small issues that could lead to more significant problems later. And it is far better to have a commercial roof repair made now with a small issue.

Several common roof issues are often found with commercial roofs in Parker County. Finding these types of issues doesn’t mean your roof is nearing the end of its life – it just means you need a few repairs to get it back into fighting shape.

1. Leaky Commercial Roofing Systems

Leaks are a part of life for anyone who owns a building. While we all want to hope our luck stays good and leaks are not an issue, the likelihood of good luck lasting forever is slim.

Storm damage is out of your control and is a common reason leaks happen. The age of your roof can also be a factor.

When leaks are found on a commercial roof, they can typically be easily repaired. The key to a leak is that it needs to be repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the roof and building.

2. Ponding On Flat Roofing

Flat commercial roofing is prone to ponding. Ponding occurs when water sits in one spot after it rains and stays there even after the weather is dry.

An experienced professional in commercial roofing can repair ponding. Depending on the amount of ponding on the roof, the repair itself may be small or large.

3. Flashing Damage From High Wind

The wind can wreak havoc on your commercial roof, especially the flashing that may be on it. Flashing damage can lead to leaks inside the building and allow water to penetrate the roof, resulting in severe water damage.

When flashing damage is the issue, it needs to be repaired to keep the rest of the roof healthy.

4. Holes And Punctures In Flat Roofing

Holes and punctures in commercial roofing can happen for various reasons. However, they are often seen on roofs with more foot traffic.

Foot traffic can speed up the time between needing repairs because the added weight, shoes, and even the path people take can break down the roof faster.

While many buildings use their roof as a location for employees to gather outdoors, it’s not always the best option when you factor in the damage that could happen. The best way to avoid these types of repairs is to make the roof a place only for those who need to be there, such as maintenance and roofing professionals.

5. Poor Installation Of Commercial Roofing Systems

If the commercial roof was initially installed poorly, the chances of finding needed repairs during the inspection are higher. A poorly installed roof could have numerous issues, which hopefully can all be repaired.

There are worst-case scenarios in which a poor installation has caused so much damage that it would be cost-effective to have the roof replaced by experienced professionals rather than repair various areas.

Neglected Commercial Roof Repairs Can
Mean More Repairs In The Future

Think again before you consider that a small hole in the roof or even a slight amount of ponding is okay to leave alone.

Many of the commercial roof repairs seen during inspections are often repairs that may have been needed during the last inspection. Sadly, the repair will now be even more extensive since it was not taken care of properly in the first place.

That is why having your commercial roof inspected annually is as crucial as performing any suggested repairs at that time.

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