Common Complaints About Roofing Contractors

Common Complaints About Roofing Contractors

Selecting roofing contractors in Fort Worth, TX to give your roof a facelift is a task that can be difficult to embark on. Below, you will find three of the most common complaints that customers have about roofing companies, so you will be armed with knowledge and ready to bypass a bad experience.

The Ever-Changing Bid

The elevator ride is a scam in which a contractor will draw up an extremely low bid in order to clinch your business, and then raise it as soon as the job has begun. The contractor will claim that the increase in price has occurred due to unexpected problems, or rising costs of materials. This is unacceptable and can be easily avoided by demanding a contract on paper, including a section about the cost of labor and materials. Do not sign the contact without thoroughly reading each section.

Do not Crack Under Pressure

The high-pressure situation arises when a contractor arrives to an appointment, or simply shows up in a neighborhood where a lot of houses are in need of roof repairs. If a contractor ever attempts to goad you into a contract by offering special prices, do not let yourself fall victim to this common tactic. The goal of this type of contractor is to get you to sign a contract without exploring other options, which is never a good idea.

Sub-Par Work

Unfortunately, many customers find that shortly after their roof was repaired, it begins to leak again. Make sure that you thoroughly investigate your contractor by looking at reviews and going over your contract to make sure they will fix any mistakes.


Although there are many complaints to be had about roofing companies, now you will be more informed about potential roofing fiascos when it’s time to pick your roofing contractors in Fort Worth, TX. Never enter into an agreement without carefully reading your contract, and do not allow yourself to be bullied by pushy contractors.