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Fort Worth’s No-Nonsense, Service-First,
Commercial Roofing Professionals

Repair, Replacement, Maintenance, And
Inspection Of All Commercial Roof Types

The commercial roofing industry in the Fort Worth area can have a bit of a Wild West feel much of the time. It often leaves business owners wondering if they received a fair assessment of their needs or a fair price for those services.

At First Texas Roofing, we like to consider ourselves as the sheriff that you can turn to for stability and honesty in this untamed field. We take pride in our reputation for dealing straight and offering our commercial clients the best bang for their buck.

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A 15+ Year Record Of Trusted
Commercial Roofing Service

First Texas Roofing has been one of Fort Worth’s most trusted roofing contractors for over 15 years, and that didn’t happen by accident.

Our owner, Douglas Maloney, started this company with the simple goal of bringing respectability, honesty, and accountability to our little corner of the roofing industry. His method was simple – look at what the other roofing companies were doing and do the exact opposite.

With that in mind, he hired estimators with first-hand knowledge of roofing systems and zero desire to sell business owners services they didn’t need. He also expected every estimate to pass through his hands to ensure accuracy before it could move forward.

Then he ensured that the crews he worked with were populated with true professionals with real roofing expertise.

From there, he selected manufacturers who shared his belief in great products at a fair price and backed their products with warranties that wouldn’t become all but useless in just a few years.

And finally, he elected to back everything First Texas Roofing installed with a 5-Year Workmanship Guarantee while giving every client his personal cell number to call whenever they felt the need.

The result?

Rave reviews and a company that has yet to stop growing.

We Understand Your Business Needs When
It Comes To Commercial Roofing

No business is ever fully prepared for a roof failure. So, when it happens, it can be a financially delicate situation.

As your commercial roofing contractor, we know that we must be ready to give you numbers and data on demand. So, we devised a computerized system that makes it as simple as clicking a mouse to give you what you need.

We understand that you have a budget that you must work under and know how to make our solutions fit within that constraint. More so than even in residential roofing, it’s the quality of our service that matters most to building managers.

Anyone can slap a commercial roof on, and some can even do so nearly as well as us, but it’s the way we provide you with the necessary paperwork and willingly work through your protocols that truly makes us shine.

But more than that, we know how to help your roof last its full lifespan through careful inspections and regular maintenance. After all, a consistent, planned-for expenditure is always preferable to a sudden, massive outlay of capital.

All Types Of Commercial Roofing

Each commercial roof is different from the last and has specific needs. So we give each roof we see a thorough inspection, making note of the different needs for each commercial roofing system.

We have knowledge of (and skill with) all types of commercial roofs.

Commercial TPO/PVC


TPO and PVC membranes from Mule-Hide and Firestone are the most popular coverings used on today’s commercial roofs. These membranes are relatively light in weight, and their white surface is great for reflecting the sun’s heat away from your building.

With welded seams and a durable surface, TPO and PVC membranes give reliable performance for decades. They can also survive minor tears through simple repairs to help extend their lifespan.

Commercial Modified Bitumen


Before the shiny white surface of TPO came along, modified bitumen was the most popular commercial roofing material. With exceptional resilience and easy installation, modified bitumen was a cost-effective alternative to the bi-annual tarring of low-slope commercial roofs.

There are still many commercial buildings using this system. So, we’ve kept our knowledge and skills with mod-bit up to date and have the experience needed to keep your mod-bit roof looking and performing as expected.

Commercial Metal Roofing


With growing popularity due to its incredible lifespan and low maintenance, metal roofing is the new darling of the Fort Worth commercial roofing world.

These roofs share little with the metal roofs of old barring their ability to last for fifty years or more. They come in a variety of powder-coated colors and install quickly. They also stand up well to all weather extremes – even hail has little chance of ruining their performance.

Our Mueller metal roofs come in many styles and offer the strong look of regular lines and simple seams.

For a more dramatic effect, the metal systems offered by Decra Metal Roofing mimic more expensive materials like slate, cedar, and clay tile without all that tiresome and expensive maintenance.

First Texas Roofing has a long-standing relationship with both manufacturers and loads of experience installing their systems.

Commercial Asphalt Shingles

Not every commercial building is a massive warehouse-like structure. Small office buildings and multi-home dwellings are often better suited to architectural shingles. Through our residential roofing services, we’ve developed a fantastic relationship with Owens-Corning and Certainteed.

Through these amazing manufacturers, we can offer everything from the most cost-effective shingled roofing systems to luxury roofing that offers extended lifespans and out-of-this-world style.

Pick Your Commercial Roofing Service

First Texas Roofing offers all commercial roofing services to our commercial clients. Our roofing professionals are well-versed and experienced in all aspects of the field.

Commercial Roof Replacement

Whether you want to upgrade your roofing system to something more energy-friendly or simply want to bring back the original look of your current roofing system, we have what you need.

Commercial Roof Repair

Not every roofing problem requires a full replacement, despite what some less scrupulous contractors might say. If we can give you a solution that won’t break the bank, we will.

And since roofing repairs take a bit more finesse, we reserve those services for only our top professionals.

If we can buy you extra time before you must replace your roof, we’re happy to do it for you.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

The absolute key to keeping the roof you have is maintaining it properly. Small issues such as standing water and debris can cause your roof system to degrade earlier than it should in a surprisingly short time.

With regular maintenance from our First Texas professionals, your roof can enjoy a long, trouble-free life.

Commercial Roof Inspections

The sad truth is that non-roofers spend more time on your roof than anyone else. HVAC techs, plumbers, and even sign companies tramp all over your roof throughout the year.

Often, their duties cause them to place holes in your roof, which they attempt to cover and protect with all the roofing knowledge they don’t have. They have no idea of the needs of particular roofing systems or how a distant roof area may change what method they need to use for flashing.

Our commercial roof inspections can catch any errors made before there is time for them to cause you any trouble.

We recommend having inspections performed annually, after any major work on the roof surface, and after violent storms.

We also suggest you get a thorough roof inspection before installing any solar panels on your roof. The last thing you want is to have to uninstall all those panels to repair or replace your roof after the fact.


Fort Worth Roof And BuildingInsurers Love
To Work With Us At First Texas Roofing

Dealing with insurance claims is no one’s idea of a good time. They demand mountains of evidence to support your claim and usually seek an excuse to deny at least part of the work.

The response from most roofing contractors is always to pad their assessments, often calling for a full replacement of your commercial roofing system whether you need it or not.

With First Texas Roofing, it’s a little different. They know us, know how thorough we are, and, more importantly, trust our judgment. Plus, with the systems we have in place, they know we have the paperwork and images needed to back up what we say.

We’ve worked hard to create a rare level of trust between us, the roofers, and them, the insurers. Because of this relationship, we are uniquely positioned to negotiate with your insurer on your behalf.

Unbeatable Commercial Roofing Warranties

Few roofing contractors in the Fort Worth area are willing to guarantee their workmanship for longer than they must.


They don’t trust the skills of their workers and don’t employ a process that guarantees the details are handled correctly.

With First Texas Roofing, you get a 5-Year Workmanship guarantee on every installation.


Our workers are well-trained roofing pros working within a carefully designed process that guarantees success. So – why not?

Beyond our excellent labor warranty, every manufacturer we use backs their products from defects for anywhere from 10 to 20 years. Some of our composite shingle warranties can go even longer.

Since day one, we’ve chosen our process, products, and crews carefully so we can offer such guarantees without the slightest fear. To us, these 5, 10, and 20-year spans aren’t maximum promises but rather, our minimum expectations.

If you need help with the roof of your Fort Worth commercial building and want the best possible results, contact us at First Texas Roofing for a free estimate.