Cleaning Seamless Gutters With Guards

Seamless Gutters In North Richland Hills, TX:
Is Cleaning Necessary With Gutter Guards?

Discover The Maintenance Required
For A Seamless Gutter System

For North Richland Hills, TX seamless gutters, many homeowners are wondering about the maintenance of these systems. In particular, they may wonder if they still have to do the seasonal cleaning of these gutter systems if they have a gutter guard installed.

Seamless gutters have several benefits for Tarrant County homeowners. These benefits include the curb appeal they give your home since they are cut to fit your house and the fact that they require less maintenance than traditional gutters.

However, do you still have to clean gutters when they have gutter guards installed?

While gutter guards significantly reduce the amount of debris that gets into your gutters, there are still items that get into your gutters. So, yes, you still need to clean your seamless gutters even though they have gutter guards installed.

The good news is that you will find much less debris inside your gutters due to the guards; thus, the job should not be as tedious or strenuous.

Cleaning Your Seamless Gutters With Gutter Guards

Cleaning your gutters with guards on them can be easier than traditional gutter cleaning. After all, with traditional gutters, you may have a bucket that contains all the debris you are pulling out by hand, which can be extremely nasty.

Since the guards are installed, you will find that most of the debris that is in the gutters will be small particles from your asphalt roof, insects, and seeds.

Most of those who clean their gutters with guards will take a water hose up to the gutter and then start to fill it with water to dislodge the bits of debris in the gutter. You may have to use some pressure, but not too much, as you don’t want to damage the gutters.

If water does not wash these items away and into the downspouts, you may have to remove the guard to reach into the gutter with a scrub brush.

Removing the guards can be a job, depending on the type of guards you have over your gutters. Thus, many people opt to go with professionals to clean their gutters as they don’t want to risk damaging the guards, or they don’t like to risk their health in cleaning out the gutters.

FAQ About Cleaning Seamless Gutters

Homeowners have several questions about cleaning their seamless gutters with guards. Let’s look at these questions and the answers to prepare you.

Can Chemicals Be Used To Clean Gutters?

While tons of chemicals on the market are touted as the easiest way to clean gutters, chemicals may not be the best idea. When cleaning gutters, you are close to your roof, and any chemicals that splash onto your roof could deteriorate the asphalt shingles.

If you find that water alone is not helping you clean your gutters, you may use some soap to assist you with the chore, especially if you have to brush the inside of the gutter. Dish soap is mild and should not cause damage to your roof.

How Often Do Gutters Have To Be Cleaned?

While traditional gutters may have to be cleaned out several times a year, when you have guards in place, you can often get away with cleaning your gutters once or twice a year.

What Can Be Done To Avoid Small Debris In The Gutters?

Since gutter guards do a fantastic job of keeping out leaves and other larger debris, many homeowners wonder if there is something that they can do to help the gutter guards with their job. Sadly, birds flying overhead can quickly drop seeds in your gutters.

In addition, some asphalt debris is expected from your roof.

You can ensure no nearby trees are near the gutters, which could slightly reduce the number of seeds you see in the gutters.

Should I Hire A Professional To Clean The Gutters?

Hiring a professional is always a great option. When doing so, you are ensuring the gutter guards are being cared for as they should be and not risking breaking them.

In addition, hiring a professional may be the best way to minimize the risk of injury for those who are not comfortable with a ladder.

Are Gutter Guards Really Worth It If
Gutters Still Need To Be Cleaned?

Yes, gutter guards are still worth the expense. Gutter guards will help prolong the life of your seamless gutter system because they will block larger debris from getting into the gutters.

Since the larger debris is being blocked, you will find that rainwater can always make it away from the home, saving your roof and prolonging its life.

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