Choosing the Right Time to Replace Your Roof

Roof replacement in Fort Worth, TX can be difficult to decide on for homeowners. It’s a large investment and it will take time out of your busy schedule to get done. Your roof serves a vital purpose to the safety of your home and, with all the beatings from Mother Nature that it takes, it will eventually outlive its usefulness and need replacing.

How do you know when to go for a full replacement? What are the telltale signs that a repair just won’t cut it?

Knowing when to do a full roof replacement instead of a repair job through Fort Worth roofing companies will be important to your home and your wallet.

How long has your roof been installed?

The age can be a major factor of knowing when to replace a roof. Materials make the lifespan of a roof vary, but the majority of roofs should be replaced every 20 to 25 years. Older homes might need more than the shingles replaced.

Roof Valleys

The valleys in your roof are important to keeping your home dry and safe. Rain and snow move down the valleys of the roof into the gutters where the water flows to the ground. If these areas of your roof are heavily damaged, it is time to replace.

Light Through Roofing Tiles

If you’re seeing light come in through the roof of your house, it’s time to replace. Light and softness to the roof’s structure when walked upon are signs water damage and wind damage may have finally put you in a spot where you need to replace your roof.

Granules in the Gutters

Granules from your shingles start to fill up the gutters when the roof is on its last legs. Rain wears down a roof over time and eventually breaks it down. If you start seeing granules and pieces from your shingles in the gutter of your home, it’s time to look into roof replacement in Forth Worth, TX.

Fort Worth roofing companies can make roof replacement painless and fast. While it’s a large investment to commit to, replacing your roof will make your home last longer.