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Commercial Roof Repairs In Weatherford, TX By First Texas Roofing
Is Foot Traffic Ruining Your Roof?

Does Foot Traffic Damage Weatherford, TX Flat
Roofs Resulting In Commercial Roof Repair?

Discover The Effects Of Foot Traffic On
Flat Commercial Roofing Systems

Many commercial buildings often have a flat roofing system. However, many owners wonder if the foot traffic these flat roofs see can lead to needing Weatherford, TX commercial roof repair.

It is a logical concern for Parker County business owners who are worried about keeping their buildings in good shape and getting the most bang for their buck out of their roof.

If your building has a flat roof, we have all the answers you need about the effect foot traffic may have.

The Damage Of Foot Traffic On Weatherford, TX
Flat Commercial Roofs

Ultimately, yes, more foot traffic can damage your flat roof. However, that doesn’t mean that one person stepping onto the roof will call for repairs.

Many businesses with flat roofs find that employees often find their way to the roof for a breather from their work. Some businesses use their flat roofs as more space for their business, encouraging people to gather there, having a few plants to create a relaxing ambiance, and much more.

The type of damage seen when a lot of foot traffic hits a flat roof varies. In most cases, the protective layer on your roof may be impacted by people walking on it or moving items around.

It can be a huge issue when the protective layer is damaged, even with something as small as a tear from a shoe. Punctures, tears, and the like can lead to water getting under the protective layer, wetting insulation, and ultimately leaking into the building.

Since the insulation has been affected, you could also see higher energy costs since the roof is no longer energy-efficient.

Damage due to foot traffic is often seen at the seams of a flat roof and at the edges and corners of the roof. For those commercial buildings with their HVAC equipment stored on the flat roof, damage is often seen near where these machines sit.

How Can You Minimize Foot Traffic To
Avoid Commercial Roof Repair?

For the benefit and lifespan of your roof, minimizing foot traffic may be in your best interest. But how can you do that?

While a flat roof may seem like a great place to have a break area for employees, you should consider limiting access to only those who need to be on the roof for maintenance or other necessary repairs.

Consider moving any break area from the flat roof to the ground. You can still create a relaxing ambiance without it being on your roof and potentially damaging it.

Signs Your Flat Roof Needs Commercial Roof Repair

If you have foot traffic on your flat roof, you must be aware of the signs that showcase that you may need commercial roof repair.

1. Leaks Inside The Building

Leaks in your building could be coming from your roof. And if your flat roof has had a lot of people on it, then that increases the chances of the leak being due to damage to your roof.

2. Ponding Water

When it rains, do you see areas of your roof that have ponding water? This could signal that damage is present, increasing the likelihood of leaks since water is sitting there with nowhere to go.

3. Higher Energy Bills

Have you noticed your energy bills are higher than usual? While this is not always a good indicator of roof damage, it can be.

In these cases, the roof insulation is no longer doing its job, resulting in heat and air escaping and entering the building more.

4. Visible Damage You Can See

When you look at your flat roof, do you see small punctures, blisters, bubbles, rips, or tears? These signs of damage point to commercial roof repair being needed.

While the visible damage may not mean the entire roof is compromised, it is best to take care of these before issues become more serious.

Free Estimates For Weatherford, TX Commercial Roof Repair

If your Weatherford, TX flat commercial roof is damaged, First Texas Roofing offers commercial roof repair. Even if you are still determining damage, it may be a good idea to have it professionally checked if you have a lot of foot traffic on the roof.

Get your free estimate by calling us today at 817-821-0323.

Roof With Severe Damage In Need Of Repair
Emergency Residential Roof Repair

5 Things To Do When You Need Emergency
Residential Roof Repair During A
Disaster In Aledo, TX

When Disaster Strikes, A
Roofing Contractor Will
Be Your Hero

Mother Nature can wreak havoc on an area during any time of the year. What do you do when you need Aledo, TX residential roof repair if your roof has been involved in a disaster?

Large storms that roll through the Parker County area can cause damage to roofs, even if your roof is relatively new. After all, storms in the region have been associated with high winds and large hail, which can significantly affect your roof.

When disaster does strike, getting your roof repaired or replaced is often at the top of the list of things to do. After all, who wants to leave their roof in poor shape, allowing rain to leak into their home? No one!

With this being said, here are the five things to do when you need residential roof repair after a disaster has struck the area.

1. Your Safety Is Above A Roof Repair:
Take Steps To Be Safe

Yes, your roof may be damaged and need repair, but you must consider your and your family’s safety first.

If your roof is missing sections or looks like it could cave in at any moment, you need to ensure that there are no people inside your home. Your safety should always come first.

That may mean you have to leave your home briefly while you have the roof inspected. Go to the home of a neighbor, family, or friend while you wait to get the clearance that it is safe. If these homes are not options, then checking into a hotel is worth the night’s cost compared to what could happen if your roof is unsafe.

2. Call A Roofing Contractor

Next, you need to call a roofing contractor to examine the roof. During the inspection, the professional roofer may determine there is damage, but it is otherwise safe for you to stay home.

The professional will determine what is needed to get your roof back into tip-top shape and review your options.

3. Before Residential Roof Repair, Your Roof May Be Tarped

Remember, during a weather disaster, you are likely one of many people needing residential roof repairs. For that reason, your roofing contractor may tarp your roof to prevent further damage while you wait for repairs.

This is especially true if your home insurance will be involved in repairing your roof, as the insurance company will need to see the damage.

Can you tarp the roof on your own? This is a common question that homeowners ask. The answer depends on you.

For example, can you safely do this without risking injury? Are you comfortable doing it?

Yes, you can place a tarp on your roof if you can handle it to prevent further damage to your home. But we suggest letting the professionals handle this process to ensure it’s done right and safely.

4. Contact Your Home Insurance Company
About Needed Roof Repair

If you are going to use your home insurance to cover the repair, you need to contact them as soon as possible. An adjuster will visit your home to note the damage and determine whether your insurance claim is justified.

While many people may call their home insurance first, if you know the roofer you want to work with, they can often have a proposal already made to give your insurance company about the work that needs to be done.

Working with a roofer who helps with insurance claims can significantly benefit you. It can make the repair process less stressful since they can help you through the ordeal.

5. Have The Recommended Roofing Services Completed

Once your insurance has given you the go-ahead, if you go the route, or when the roofer can fit your roof repair into their schedule, get the work done. Most roof repairs take a day or so to complete, whereas a roof replacement may take a day or longer, depending on the size.

Your roofing contractor will have a timeframe of how long it will take to get your roof back into fighting shape.

Free Quotes For Your Residential Roof Repair In Aledo, TX

If your Aledo, TX roof needs residential roof repair due to a disaster that has hit the area, then First Texas Roofing is here to assist. Depending on the situation, we can work with your insurance company to help with repairs or replacement.

Get your free quote by calling today at 817-821-0323!

Professional Residential Roof Repairs Aledo TX First Texas Roofing
Get The Best Roof Repairs

Reliability In Roofing: Finding The Right
Company For Residential Roof
Repairs In Aledo, TX

Knowing What To Look For
In A Roofing Company

When you need residential roof repairs in Aledo, TX, the whole process can be overwhelming. You have phone calls to make, consultations to schedule, and budgets to consider. Fitting it all into your already busy life is exhausting.

Knowing what to look for in a company can save you a lot of headaches – and money! Not all roofing companies are created equally. If you’re not careful, you could end up signing up for a company that performs shoddy work, leaving your roof worse than it was. And no Parker County homeowner wants to leave their home vulnerable to these brutal Texas summers!

At First Texas Roofing, “a job well done” isn’t just a gimmick. It’s a standard we strive for in each and every project.

Don’t risk the welfare of your roof to the amateurs. Understanding what to look for in a roofing company is the first step to making your residential roof repairs as painless as possible.

Ask The Roofing Contractor For References

Past customers are always the best way to know if a company is reliable and good at what they do. Ask for at least three references from past customers and ask these references if they’re satisfied with the job, whether the contractor stayed on budget, and if there were any delays.

Know Your Roofing Contractor’s Licenses,
Certifications, And Insurance

Roofing is dangerous work, and those without the proper licenses and insurance shouldn’t be performing roof repairs. You want an Aledo, TX, roofing company with roofers who know exactly what they’re doing and have the proof to back it up.

In Texas, roofing companies are not required to be licensed. This makes it more difficult for homeowners to weed out the companies doing the bare minimum from those who go above and beyond, like First Texas Roofing. Our roofers are all licensed, bonded, and insured, giving you peace of mind from the initial consultation to the final inspection.

Understand The Warranty Regarding
Residential Roof Repairs

Most – if not all – roofing companies come with a warranty for their services. However, the fine print is important. Make sure you fully understand the warranty when it comes to the specific service you need, such as residential roof repairs.

Know the ins and outs of the warranty so you can have peace of mind if anything unexpected comes up.

They Prioritize The Safety Of Their Roof Repair Workers

Safety is everything when it comes to roofing. You can often tell how much a company values its customers by whether or not they value their workers.

Ask any potential roofing contractor how they keep their workers safe, especially during these brutal Parker County summers. Will the workers be wearing safety equipment, such as hard hats and safety harnesses, while on the job site? Will they stay hydrated during work?

Asking these questions to any roofing contractor you’re considering hiring will help you narrow down your choices.

Find Out Whether The Company Has Competitive Pricing
For Residential Roofing Repairs

Reputable roofing contractors will have competitive pricing for roofing services. This is why you want to call around for quotes before choosing a company to perform your residential roof repairs.

Keep track of all the quotes for roof repairs. Most homeowners will find that the quotes will be in a similar range for the contractors in the area, which is normal. If a company has a much higher or much lower price than the competition, it’s usually a sign to steer clear.

Much higher prices may be inflated or have services included that aren’t disclosed. Much lower prices may seem tempting at first, but you have to wonder what corners a contractor is cutting to have a much lower price than the competition.

First Texas Roofing: Aledo, TX Homeowners’ First Choice
For Quality Residential Roof Repairs

For reliable, long-lasting residential roof repairs in Aledo, TX, no one can compare to First Texas Roofing. For over 15 years, homeowners in Parker County have come to us for roof repair done right. Have you noticed blistering, cracked, or missing shingles in your home? At First Texas Roofing, we have you covered. Our licensed and bonded roofers are prompt and professional and will find the best solution for your home.

If you need quality roof repairs for your Aledo home, contact us online or call us at 817-821-0323 to schedule your free estimate.

Buckled Shingles On Roof
Aledo, TX Inspections For Residential Roof Repair

4 Ways An Aledo, TX Roof Inspection
Can Help Save Money With Timely
Residential Roof Repair

Inspections Ensure You Get
The Roofing Services
You Need

Most homeowners only seek out Aledo, TX residential roof repair when they see an obvious issue. And in many cases, once they see the need for repair, the damage that has occurred is extensive.

So much so that it often results in needing a Parker County roof replacement because the repair will be like putting a band-aid on an open wound.

Homeowners are often shocked that they are being told they need a roof replacement over a roof repair. Sadly, it could have all been avoided if the homeowner had opted to have yearly inspections done of their roof.

While many people may think having the cost of a yearly inspection is a waste of time, it most certainly is not. Inspections can help you save money in the long run and ensure that you get a timely repair that helps you avoid roof replacement.

How An Aledo, TX Inspection Can Save You Money

Spending money now on an inspection can save you more in the long run. How much can it save you? That really depends, but when you compare the total cost of an inspection to an entire roof replacement, you will save a ton of money!

1. Inspections Equal Timely Residential Roof Repairs

One of the biggest ways in which an inspection on your roof can save you money in the long run is by ensuring you get timely repairs completed on your roof. When your roof is inspected, the professional roofer will notice minor issues that can be fixed now.

By fixing these minor issues now, you avoid a large repair bill later or, in some cases, replacing your roof sooner than you had intended.

There are always cases in which damage to your roof is not easily seen but requires the eyes of a professional roofer. Easily missed damage can be repaired in a timely manner to avoid massive damage later.

2. Prolong The Life Of Your Roof

When you first had your roof installed, you were probably told how long the roof would last when it was properly cared for. Properly caring for your roof is not only about maintenance but also about having minor issues repaired before they become major.

Getting the full life out of your roof means you get your money’s worth. Having to replace it earlier due to lack of maintenance or letting repairs go is essentially throwing money down the drain.

3. Lower Utility Bills With A Properly Maintained Roof

When your roof is properly maintained, meaning that all repairs have been made and everything is in good working order, you will see the results in your utility bills.

Lower utility bills are seen with a new roof compared to one that is full of issues. While it may only be a few bucks every month that you save, it adds up over time.

4. Properly Inspected Roofs May Mean Lower Insurance Premiums

Having your roof inspected annually can result in lower insurance premiums. Many insurance companies will look at this as a conscientious homeowner who is not going to make as many claims on their insurance.

Hence, you may find that your insurance premium is lowered slightly thanks to the inspections you get on your roof annually.

When To Have Inspections Done On Your Aledo, TX Roof

One of the more common questions that homeowners ask is when they should have an inspection performed on their roof. Many homeowners have an inspection done yearly, while others may opt for it every other year.

Ideally, you are never faced with storms that cause damage. However, that is not the reality.

When storms hit the area, and you fear they have caused damage to your roof, calling a professional roofer to have your roof looked at as soon as possible is recommended.

This way, you can have any residential roof repairs made before any damage occurs to your home, which will cost more in the long run. Repairs on minor issues are always better than massive repairs.

Get Your Free Quote For Aledo, TX Residential Roof Repair

For those who want to stay on top of their Aledo, TX roof and require residential roof repair, First Texas Roofing is here to provide you with professional service you can trust.

Get your free quote today by calling 817-821-0323!

Small Tile Missing From Roof
Missed Signs You Need Aledo, TX Residential Roof Repair

5 Signs Of Aledo, TX Roofing Damage
Easily Missed That Requires
Residential Roof Repair

Damage Your Roofing
Contractor Can Spot

There is always a chance that your roof has damage that you cannot see. That is when you need Aledo, TX residential roof repair for damage that only a professional will see.

When a storm hits the area or your roof has aged out, most homeowners check for the obvious signs that your roof requires repair. For example, you know you need repair if you find shingles in your yard and then see bald spots on your roof.

However, the easily missed signs of Parker County roof damage could lead to a huge headache. These easily missed signs are something that you may think nothing about until the damage to the interior of your home results in massive repair bills.

That is why having your roof checked by a professional is a must-have. That way, your roof is tip-top, and you can breathe easier because roof repairs can be made when needed.

1. Whistling Sounds Could Signal The
Need For Residential Roof Repair

Homeowners often overlook whistling sounds they hear inside their homes during windy weather. After all, it is windy outside, so hearing the wind is logical.

However, whistling sounds could mean your roof has damage you can’t see. In these cases, it could mean that you have small cracks throughout your roof that allow the wind to penetrate and whistle through your attic or crawlspace.

Many homeowners may say it is just wind, so is there really any reason to worry? If you can hear the wind due to cracks in your roof, water can also easily penetrate these cracks. This will result in leaks throughout the interior of your home.

2. Damaged Flashing Means Residential Roof Leak Repair

As long as homeowners see the flashing on their roofs, they think all is good. However, weather and time can bend the flashing, allowing water to leak behind it.

Many homeowners don’t realize they have flashing issues until they start to see leaks inside their homes that they cannot pinpoint the source. In these situations, flashing issues can be the culprit.

A professional roofing contractor will be able to notice if the flashing has any dents, bends, or other damage that could allow water to drip behind.

3. Residential Roof Repair For Black Spots Throughout Roof

When many homeowners look at their roofs, they don’t consider the darker spots an issue. They may even go into their attic and see some black spots, which doesn’t necessarily mean there is damage.

Black spots on the inside of the attic from the roof are not always a cause for alarm. After all, the glue and age used throughout the roof can cause the plywood to have darker spots.

However, in worse-case scenarios, the black spots you may see throughout the roof or the attic could be a sign of black mold growth due to water penetrating the roof in some manner. You do not want black mold to spread, as it can lead to health issues for the entire family.

4. Strange Nails Can Signal A Residential
Roof Repair Needed

Have you seen some nails lying around your home, or perhaps you have picked a few up in your tires? If your roof has been recently replaced, your roofer could have dropped the nails. However, most roofers use methods to ensure they don’t leave nails behind.

If your roof is a few years old and you start seeing some strange nails lying around your home, it could mean that you have roofing nails that have come loose. And yes, it happens more often than people realize.

Roofing nails can be pulled out due to high winds and even due to age. When that happens, a nail hole in your roof could lead to a water leak underneath the roofing material, resulting in leaks and further damage.

5. Residential Roof Repairs For Buckling Roof Material

Buckling roof material cannot always be seen when looking at your roof from the ground. That is why professional roofers often find buckling once they are on the roof and inspect it.

When areas of the roof start to buckle, it often requires removing the roofing material and replacing it. Buckled areas of a roof can allow water to blow underneath it and infiltrate the home. Hence, it is a serious but often missed sign that your roof requires repair.

Free Quotes For Your Residential Roof Repair In Aledo, TX

If you fear that your Aledo, TX roof needs residential roof repair, then it is time to have it inspected by a professional roofer. With the commonly missed signs, your roof could need repairing even if you think it is okay!

Get your free quote by calling First Texas Roofing today at 817-821-0323!

Homeowner Cleaning Gutters
Aledo, TX Maintenance & Residential Roof Repair Guide

Your Guide To Roof Maintenance In Aledo, TX
And How To Know When To Call For
Residential Roof Repair

Learn What You Can Do
And When You Need A
Roofing Contractor

Most homeowners believe that being a responsible homeowner means knowing what maintenance items to have on your to-do list for your roof. It also means you know when to call for residential roof repair in Aledo, TX.

Parker County homeowners can handle several roof maintenance items on their own. In most cases, they are not maintenance items that require getting up on the roof. It should be noted that if you do need someone on the roof, a roofing contractor is your best option to avoid injury to yourself.

Your Aledo, TX Roof Maintenance Items To-Do List

Roof maintenance is a way to ensure that you are keeping your roof in good working order. It is also a way to ensure you get the most life out of your roof. Many times, residential roof repairs could have been avoided if proper maintenance had been completed.

1. Ensure Tree Limbs Are Nowhere Near Your Roof

If you have tons of trees near your home, then you want to ensure that their limbs are nowhere near your roof. While you cannot stop all potential roof damage by keeping tree limbs away, you are doing your part.

You don’t want any tree limbs to brush against your roof or rest against the roof at all. If a storm were to come through the area, these limbs that are close to your roof could be thrown onto the roof, causing significant damage.

By keeping things cut away from the roof, you are taking the first proactive step in maintaining your roof for the future.

2. Clean Out The Gutters Seasonally

Your gutters have the important job of helping to direct rainwater away from your home and keep the foundation safe. However, the gutters are also an important component of your roofing system.

If your gutters become clogged, water can sit inside the gutters and then slowly leech back under the roof, resulting in leaks throughout the interior of your home. Water standing near the edge of your roof can also result in the growth of mold and mildew, which can affect the integrity of the roofing material.

3. Visually Inspect Your Roof From The Ground After Storms

When storms come through the area, you need to go outside and visually inspect your roof once the storm has passed. You are looking for any damage you can see on the roof and signs throughout your yard that your roof has been affected.

For example, if you find shingles in the yard, you need a professional roofer to determine what repairs will be needed.

4. Have A Yearly Inspection By A Professional

To keep on top of any issues before they become major problems, you will want to opt for a yearly inspection of your roof by a professional. A professional will find any minor repairs needed before they affect your home.

If a storm has passed through the area, some homeowners opt for an inspection to occur afterward because they want to ensure their roof is in good shape. It is a good idea for those who want to get the most life out of their roof!

When To Call A Professional For Residential Roof Repair

While performing your roof maintenance, there will be situations in which you need to contact a professional roofer to handle your repair. What types of situations constitute a need for a residential roof repair?

When you notice any type of damage on your roof, then call a professional. For example, during your visual inspection, if you notice that you have missing shingles, this is a job for a professional roofer. Trying to fix this on your own may result in more damage if you are unsure what to do.

If you have leaks inside your home, the damage to your roof is done, and a professional will need to determine where the damage is so they can repair it. The professional can also determine if a repair is insufficient and if a roof replacement is the best option.

For the most part, if you fear an issue with your roof, you need a professional roofer for the repairs. Too often, people try to repair their roofs, making it worse.

Yes, you can tarp a roof if you feel there is a leak and want to prevent future damage to the interior of your home. However, if you fear for your health and safety, a professional can tarp the roof before the repair happens.

Free Quotes For Your Aledo, TX Residential Roof Repair

While you do your maintenance items on your Aledo, TX roof, whenever you feel that you need a residential roof repair, it is time to contact First Texas Roofing. We are the roofing professionals that are here for you, no matter the complexity of the repair you require.

Get your free quote today by calling 817-821-0323!

Regular Commercial Roof Maintenance In White Settlement TX by First Texas Roofing
Benefits Of Commercial Roof Maintenance

The Benefits Of Commercial Roof Maintenance
For Your White Settlement, TX Property

How Commercial Roofing Maintenance
Can Save You From Costly Repairs

When it comes to commercial roofing in White Settlement, TX, it’s important to maintain and take care of it throughout its lifespan. Through regular maintenance, it’s possible to extend the longevity of your roof and avoid the need for costly repairs.

One of the key reasons why property owners have to deal with extensive repairs is that they don’t identify damage done to their roofs early enough. The following guide explores the various benefits of regular commercial roof maintenance and why it’s important for any commercial property owner.

Extend The Longevity Of Your Commercial Roof

When you perform regular maintenance on your commercial roof, you help extend the lifespan of your roofing system. A properly maintained roofing system can last multiple decades, depending on the material it is made of. Regular maintenance helps identify wear and tear quickly, allowing you to repair the problem before it worsens.

A proactive approach to maintenance is one of the most effective ways to keep your commercial roof’s integrity throughout its lifespan. You’ll be able to reduce the risk of damage and avoid some of the damage from neglecting your roof.

Commercial Roof Maintenance Saves You Money

The significant savings on cost is another benefit of regular roof maintenance. When you address a minor repair quickly after its identification, the cost is far lower than when dealing with extensive damage. Emergency repairs caused by neglect can lead to roof repairs that can be expensive and time-consuming.

Regular maintenance allows property owners to plan, maintain, and keep a close eye on any potential issues that may impact the structural integrity of their roofs. While it is possible for long-standing damage to impact any roof, maintenance greatly reduces the chances of the need for expensive repairs.

Preventing Leaks In Your Commercial Roof

Another reason you should regularly perform commercial roof maintenance is to prevent leaks. Leaks in your commercial roof can be a sign of something much worse. While a small leak may seem negligible initially, the water damage that can be done is extensive when neglected.

As your commercial roof leaks, mildew and mold can build up, causing further damage to your roof and impacting your health. It’s possible for the insulation of your roof to get damp and reduce its overall efficiency. When a leak continues for too long, the water damage can cause larger structural damage, requiring expensive repairs and possibly even emergency work.

Through maintenance, these things can be avoided. A professional roofing company can identify the leaks, their potential causes, and how to fix them in a reasonable amount of time. They can also find out the extent of the damage done to your roof and help guide you on how to preserve it.

Commercial Roof Warranty And Insurance Compliance

Finally, a key reason to maintain your commercial roof regularly is to comply with warranty and insurance requirements. Many roofing materials come with warranties that require regular maintenance of your roof. If you do not stick to these maintenance requirements, there’s a possibility that you may void your warranty.

Keeping your warranty gives you extra financial security and protection when it comes to unexpected damage caused by extreme weather or unfortunate accidents. Make sure to speak with your roofer and find out what maintenance requirements you may have when it comes to keeping your warranty.

Call First Texas Roofing For Your White Settlement, TX
Commercial Roof Maintenance Today

For years, First Texas Roofing has provided quality service to customers throughout the Tarrant County area. We strive to provide exceptional commercial roof maintenance where we identify any potential problems with your roof and what can be done to prevent damage to your property.

If you think it is time for maintenance for your commercial roof, contact our team at First Texas Roofing today for a free consultation. We’ll be happy to talk to you and help ensure your roof will be around for a long time.