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A Fort Worth, TX, Home’s Roof With Severe Storm Damage
Tips On Getting Emergency Roof Repairs After Storm Damage

6 Tips On Getting Emergency Roof Repairs
After Storm Damage In Fort Worth, TX

Everything You Need To Know To Handle Your
Damaged Roof Quickly

One of the worst things that can happen during a bad storm in Fort Worth, TX, is damage to your home’s roof. Harsh winds, heavy rains, and pelting hail all wreak havoc on your home’s exterior. When something goes wrong with your roof, you need to quickly get repairs completed before more bad weather moves into town.

While this can be a stressful situation, remaining calm and considering your options is essential. Follow these tips to help you through the process of quickly getting emergency repairs.

1. Check For Damage As Soon As It’s Safe

As soon as the storm is over, you’ll need to check your roof for storm damage. You’ll be looking for specific signs that may also be inside the home.

Inside your home, you’ll want to look for any signs of water spots on the ceiling. These spots will have suddenly appeared as a result of the storm damage. Additionally, you may see the light coming through the roof into the attic.

Outside, you’ll be looking for dented or missing shingles. If you look in the gutters, you may notice shingle granules. These granules are the first line of defense against the elements, so when you find them missing from the shingles, it’s time for roof repair.

2. Temporarily Manage Leaks

If you find a leak, you’ll need to do damage control until you can get a professional roofing company to your home to complete the needed repairs.

You can place buckets or other containers inside your home to prevent the water from spreading. You’ll need to move anything you can away from the path of the water. If the leak is near an outlet, thoroughly cover it with plastic to prevent water infiltration.

If you find severe roof damage that allows water to enter your home, you should try to place a tarp over the area. Only do this if you feel comfortable and can safely place the tarp. Otherwise, wait for the roofers, who will have much more experience walking on a roof.

3. Document Everything You Find

As you find damage, you’ll need to document it with photos and video. This is for the benefit of your insurance company and your roof repair company. For Texas roof insurance claims, your insurance company will need as much information as possible about the extent of the damage. 

It’s highly beneficial if you can find a company that completes roof repair in Texas and handles the insurance claim process for you. If they have the experience, they’ll know how to get you the coverage you need to complete your repairs, especially if the damage is extensive enough to need a complete roof replacement

4. Call A Reliable Local Roofing Repair Company

If you have storm damage, chances are other people in Fort Worth, TX, do, too. You’ll need to call a reliable local roofing repair company quickly, as they’re likely to book up fast with all the calls they’ll be receiving.

Don’t choose just anyone when you make your decision. Look for a company with a great reputation that you know you can trust to get the job done right. 

They’ll thoroughly inspect all the damaged areas and determine a course of action for your roof. They’ll provide you with a written contract for repairs detailing the costs and materials used for the project.

5. Call Your Insurance Company

While your roof repair company may handle the insurance claim process, you’ll still need to call your adjuster and initiate the process. This step is where the information you gathered comes into play. The adjuster will need to know the extent of the damage and as much description as you can provide.

6. Watch Out For Storm Chasers

One of the essential tips to follow is to watch out for the inevitable arrival of storm chasers. These individuals claim to be reputable companies that perform roof repair in Texas but will end up taking advantage of unsuspecting homeowners. They may perform shoddy work or complete only half the work before they disappear without a trace after accepting your money.

Be very cautious if anyone comes knocking following a storm, claiming to be a reputable company. It’s better to do your own research and find a company with an excellent local reputation and history.

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Texas Roofing And Leak Repair
DIY Roof Repair: Does It Really Save You Money?

Does DIY Fort Worth, TX, Roof Repair
Really Save You Money?

Before Embarking On Texas Roofing And Leak Repair,
Consider All The Factors

In the age of YouTube and Pinterest, DIY home projects in Fort Worth, TX, may sound enticing, but not all of them are worth the money-savings. Projects like roof repair might sound simple enough, but if done incorrectly, it can lead to a number of issues. Quality roof repair involves more than just quick patch-up jobs, so it is better left to the professionals.

At First Texas Roofing, we’ve seen Fort Worth, TX, homeowners try to repair their own roofs – few have been successful, while many have not. We understand how saving money sounds like a great option. However, roof repair requires trained skills and expert knowledge. Roof installers and technicians undergo intense training for a reason. 

While some home projects are DIY friendly, roof repair is not one of them. Leave roof repair up to the pros! Here are some reasons why amateurs shouldn’t attempt this intensive project. 


Safety should be everyone’s main priority. After all, if you get hurt on a project, you jeopardize yourself and the project. At this point, you’ll probably ask yourself if it was even worth it. Roof repair involves many elements of danger, from heights to ladders, power equipment, and even hammers and nails.

Overhanging tree limbs and electrical lines are also dangerous elements to be aware of. Anytime you climb a ladder, especially at great heights, you put yourself at risk for a fall. It only takes one misstep to plummet back to Earth. No one wants to sit in a sling for three months to save a buck on roof repair. 

Professional roofers are not only trained in roof installation, but they’re also trained in safety. Plus, professionals have the proper equipment to stay safe while completing their work, from helmets to goggles to safety lines. If attempting to repair your roof without safety equipment, you might be looking at extensive hospital bills and long-term health risks. 

You’ll Void Your Roof Warranty

Before attempting to repair your roof, read through your roofing warranty. Most warranties contain a clause that states if you do your own repairs or hire a company that didn’t do the original installment, your warranty will be voided. 

This can go for both your product manufacturer and labor warranty. It’s meant to protect the company against any damages that might occur without their knowledge. Roofing companies can only guarantee their own work and, therefore, can’t take on the issues caused by another company.

Once you read over your warranty, you might be pleasantly surprised to see that you won’t need to make your own repairs, as the warranty might cover the issue anyway. It’s best to inquire about the required repair or damage from your original roof installer to see what is covered and what isn’t if you are still in question. 

You Might Cause Further Damage

Though one shingle replacement might sound simple enough, there’s a chance there’s a deeper issue you aren’t noticing. A trained eye can detect and address hidden damages before they become more significant.

If you don’t know what to look for and only fix the cosmetic damage, you put your roof at risk for further, costly damage. Underlying water damage or moisture can lead to structural damage and wood rot, which require expensive and invasive repairs. 

Also, if you don’t repair your roof correctly, you might make your roof vulnerable in the future. Incorrect repairs can lead to weak spots, mold, and high susceptibility to storm damage. You may pay for it immensely later on by trying to save money now.

Wrong Materials And Tools

Unless you’re a contractor, you probably don’t have the right materials and tools to complete a quality roof repair. Since roof materials are sourced from multiple manufacturers, finding the exact replacement or repair pieces you need for your specific roof can be difficult. 

Mixing and matching roof materials from various sources put your roof at risk for vulnerabilities. Also, you need to conduct proper research to know what materials are high-quality and which ones aren’t. Cheaper isn’t always better when it comes to roofing materials. 

Plus, most homeowners don’t keep professional roofing tools and equipment on hand, forcing them to use makeshift tools. Though we’ve seen some creative uses of tools in our day, it’s always best to use the real thing. Professional equipment helps ensure the repair is made correctly and will last. 

When It Comes To Roof Repair, Leave It Up
To The Fort Worth, TX, Pros

We’ve seen many DIY roof repairs go wrong in Fort Worth, TX, and we want to save our customers the hassle, time, and money it takes to repair those issues. At First Texas Roofing, we provide expert installation, fantastic products, and fair prices to ensure a high-quality, low-stress roof repair.

Roof repairs and replacements are what we do – we’re expertly trained, highly skilled, and have over 15 years of experience to back it all up. Plus, we’re committed to giving our valued customers the best in service and communication, meaning you’ll always be listened to and treated with the respect you deserve.

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An Asphalt Shingle Roofing Installation In Progress In Fort Worth, TX
Life Cycle of the Standard Asphalt Roof

Life Cycle Of The Standard Asphalt Roof
In Fort Worth, TX

What To Expect Out Of Your New Asphalt Roof

When you have your roof replaced on your Fort Worth, TX, home, you expect that it will last for some time. After all, it’s quite an investment and should give you a great return. Asphalt shingle roofing is one of our area’s most commonly chosen roofing options because of its beauty, durability, and affordability. So, how long does it last?

Asphalt shingle roofing can last up to 30 years when properly installed and maintained. However, if the Texan roofing company is not precise with the installation or roof repairs are not taken seriously, this can be drastically shortened. Assuming everything is done correctly, here’s what you can expect from the life cycle of the standard asphalt roof.


The actual life cycle of your asphalt roof begins during the manufacturing process. Once the shingles are manufactured, they are exposed to oxygen, which starts the aging process. While modern packaging helps keep out most of the oxygen, the shingles will still experience slow aging while they sit in storage. Because of this, you should only use new shingles during an installation.

Installation And Curing

During installation, the beginning stages of your roof’s new life start. During your roof replacement, your old roof will be completely removed, all the essential parts you cannot see will be inspected for quality, and your new roof will be installed. Once the last shingle is in place, your roof will rapidly age. 

This period is when all the parts cure. Your roof will start adjusting to the Fort Worth, TX, climate. You may notice some granule loss. While this is a significant problem in the later stages of your roof’s life, it is perfectly normal during this early phase. Additionally, there may be curling or blistering with changing weather conditions, which are also regular occurrences.

Despite your shingles starting to age once they are unpackaged, proper Texan roofing will ensure they do not excessively deteriorate so that they need replacement. Barring any damage during the first two years, your roof will be just fine while it cures.

The Middle Phase Of Life

The prime time of your asphalt roof’s life is roughly the ten-year mark. As long as it is installed correctly and properly maintained, you should not experience any serious problems with your roof at this point. Generally, the common occurrences include minor leaks and dents. These problems are straightforward to address.

However, these first ten years are critical because your roof will be under warranty. If your roof has manufacturing or installation defects, you will start noticing the related problems. These can be anything from cracks to blistering to shedding.

Because of this, it is essential to evaluate your local residential roofing repair companies to find one you can trust to assess your roof’s condition correctly. Identifying and correcting problems early will ensure your roof lasts as long as possible.

In the first 12 to 15 years of your asphalt roof’s lifespan, you may need one or two roof repair projects or shingle replacements, but beyond that, your roof should be in top condition.

The End Of Life Phase

Once your asphalt roof reaches 20 years old, it’s beginning to reach the end of its life. While this lifespan can be extended to around 30 years through preventative care, you must watch for signs of severe deterioration.

As the shingles begin losing all their granules, you will have no choice but to replace your roof. Shingles with no granules are no longer waterproof and offer no protection to your roof. Additionally, you may notice many cracks, blisters, and missing shingles, indicating it’s time for a roof replacement.

For An Expert Roof Replacement In Fort Worth, TX,
Turn To First Texas Roofing

Here at First Texas Roofing, we offer honest solutions to our Fort Worth, TX, customers who need a roof replacement or repair. With us, there’s no high-stakes pressure to sell our services. 

When you need your roof fixed, we provide the answers you need with quality service you won’t find anywhere else. Additionally, if you need help with an insurance claim, we’ll do all the negotiating for you, so you don’t have to deal with the stress.

Call us today at (817) 821–0323 to schedule your free estimate.

Commercial Roofing In Fort Worth, TX
Tips For Taking Care Of Your Commercial Roof This Winter

4 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Commercial
Roof This Winter In Fort Worth, TX

How To Keep Your Commercial Roof In Top Shape

Maintaining a commercial roof in Fort Worth, TX, can be a bit more involved than handling a residential roof. You’ll need to ensure it’s in top form before winter hits. Here at First Texas Roofing, we’ve created this guide to help you prepare and care for your commercial roof throughout our Texas winters.

1. Get A Roof Inspection Before Winter Starts

Having a commercial roofing inspection completed at a minimum of annually is essential to maintaining its health, and fall is the perfect time to do it. This allows you the time to discover any problems and to have them repaired promptly before the cold season starts.

What you may not know is that any small cracks in the membrane of your commercial roof can be made much worse when rainwater freezes and expands. Any gaps in the flashing can also be expanded as this happens. If the water can freeze in the drainage system, there is a risk of severe damage.

You’ll want to identify all problems that can be repaired before the risks become elevated by freezing temperatures. A complete inspection should be conducted with focus on the following at a minimum:

  • Ensuring downspouts and gutters are free and clear of debris
  • Internally draining downspouts should be free and clear
  • Membranes should be in excellent condition with no cracks or dips
  • All drainage points should be free of debris
  • Seals and flashing should be in good condition
  • Roof ventilation should have no debris
  • The entire roof should have no signs of deterioration, damage, or weakness

2. Follow Up With Any Needed Repairs As Soon As Possible

If any repair needs are identified during the inspection, it is critical to follow up with them as soon as possible. While your commercial roof can be repaired during the winter, it’s not ideal. As mentioned, freezing water can worsen problems with your roofing membrane, so it’s better to remedy these issues before this happens.

Timely repairs can save money by preventing the problem from worsening. They can even extend the life of your roof in many cases. So, when you receive a list of recommendations from your roofing contractor, don’t put them off for another day – act quickly to save time and money.

3. Clean Your Commercial Roof

While Fort Worth, TX, doesn’t see a lot of snow, there is the potential for rain throughout the winter. If the temperature drops low enough, the rainwater can freeze, leading to problems if your roof is not adequately prepared.

Before winter starts, you must remove all fall debris that has gathered on your rooftop. You’ll need to ensure all drainage systems are clear so the water is free-flowing at all times when it rains. Anything that blocks the water could lead to problems with the water freezing in place.

If your gutters are not cleaned out, you could end up with ice dams following a freezing rainstorm. This can cause significant damage to your rooftop and gutter system, costing you a lot of money in repairs.

4. Have A Plan For Ice Removal

In the event that the weather takes a turn for the worst and there is a significant number of days in a row with freezing temperatures that do not warm up, you’ll need a plan for ice removal from your commercial roof.

Remember, this can be a dangerous task due to the slippery nature of the ice. If you’re uncomfortable or don’t have the resources, consider hiring a professional to perform the maintenance.

In most cases, the weather does warm up soon after a freeze, contributing to the freeze-thaw cycle that can damage your commercial roof. In these cases, it’s essential to ensure your roof is free of debris and damage so that the water safely leaves the surface.

For All Your Commercial Roofing Needs In Fort Worth, TX,
The Right Choice Is First Texas Roofing

When you’re looking for commercial roof repair companies near Fort Worth, TX, there’s only one company you need to turn to – First Texas Roofing.

We specialize in all types of commercial roofing and perform replacements, maintenance, repair, and inspections. When you turn to us, everything you need from a commercial roofing company can be found in one place. 

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A Roofing Contractor Installing A New Roof In Fort Worth, TX
Avoid Roofers That Take These Shortcuts

Avoid Roofers In Fort Worth, TX, That Make
These Shortcuts

Your Investment Is Worth Too Much To Risk
It With Bad Decisions By Your Roofer

With all the residential roofing repair companies available in Fort Worth, TX, you’ll need to take your time to find the best one for the job. Unfortunately, many roofers take shortcuts that can leave you in a bind later, requiring yet another repair or replacement well before it’s time.

There are specific shortcuts you should be on the lookout for – as well as the roofers who make them. If your roofer suggests any of the following shortcuts, it’s time to find another contractor.

Failing To Remove The Old Roof

While this may be offered as a money-saving option, you should never agree to have a new roof installed over an existing roof. Several problems can come from doing this. The added weight of another layer on your roof may be too much for the physical structure of your home to bear.

Additionally, without tearing off the old roof, there is no way to tell if your decking has any rot or damage that needs to be addressed. This can lead to future problems and roof failures if not addressed promptly.

The contours of the old shingles also have the potential to show through the new shingles, giving your new roof an odd appearance.

After a few months, there is the potential for the newly laid shingles to begin curling and coming loose. The old roof is firmly attached to the house, not the new one, which leads to more easily damaged and loosened shingles.

If your roofing contractor suggests not removing the old roof, you should look for another one.

Using Staples Instead Of Roofing Nails

Staples are not always very strong at holding things in place. They have their purpose for specific projects, but roofing is not one of them. The primary reason you cannot use staples to hold shingles in place is their length. They are too short to secure the shingles to the roof correctly.

If you see your roofing contractor using a staple gun instead of roofing nails during your roof replacement, you have a severe problem. Your new shingles will likely blow off in a storm with heavy winds. 

Additionally, staples tend to bend when used in roofing applications. When this happens, the roofer must pull them out, which can damage the shingles.

Reusing Your Old Roofing Materials

Even if your old roofing materials, such as your flashing, look in excellent condition, they should never be reused for your new roof. They’ll have significant deterioration that may not be visible, making them inefficient for the new installation.

You must ensure that your roofing contractor replaces all roof components, even if the parts look good. Don’t accept the offer if they suggest reusing parts to save money. Reusing parts reduces your new roof’s lifespan and could void the manufacturers’ warranties if they require full replacements.

Failing To Replace Or Install The Underlayment

The underlayment is a critical component of any roof, as it protects your home from any water that manages to get past the shingles. If your roofing contractor skips this step, they are setting your roof up for ultimate failure.

It is a time-intensive and costly process; however, it is necessary for the proper function and longevity of your new roof. You must ensure that your roofing contractor plans to install the underlayment during your installation.

Not Using Approved Safety Measures

While any of the residential roofing repair companies you consider in Fort Worth, TX, should have their own insurance, you still don’t want them on your property if they are not following proper safety protocols. An injury on your property can be a devastating experience for the worker and your family.

You’ll want to ensure that the company you hire employs specific safety guidelines, including secured ladders, protection against heat stroke during the hot summer days, and fall protection when necessary.

For A Reliable Roofing Experience In Fort Worth, TX,
There’s No Company Like First Texas Roofing

When you need a reliable roofing company that doesn’t take shortcuts in Fort Worth, TX, there’s only one choice you need to make – First Texas Roofing.

We’ll install your roof precisely how it was meant to be installed, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing it was done right the first time. In addition, if you need assistance with insurance negotiation, we’ll work directly with your insurance company, so you don’t have to. Sit back and relax while we handle everything for you.

Call us today at (817) 821-0323 to schedule your free estimate

Roof Repair Fort Worth, TX
Repair Or Replace/Patch Your Roof: How To Decide

How To Decide Whether To Repair, Replace, Or Patch Your Fort Worth, TX, Roof

Before You Spend, Learn The Best Option For Your Home After It Suffers Roof Damage

Fort Worth, TX, roofs undergo a lot of challenges thrown their way, from pop-up storms to normal wear and tear. Although roofs are built to withstand the worst elements and to stay durable for decades, there comes a time when damage occurs, leaving many homeowners dumbfounded on how to proceed.

Knowing when to repair or replace your roof can take time and effort – and with busy schedules, it can be a challenge for homeowners. Each roof is different based on years of use, quality of materials and installation, and more – making the decision much more complicated. After all, no one wants to replace their whole roof when a patch or repair will do the trick.

At First Texas Roofing, we want our customers to be knowledgeable about their roof and to know how to tell the difference in what it needs. Here are things to keep in mind to make a well-informed decision. 

The Extent Of Your Roof Damage

Roof damage can come from various sources, such as hail storms, tree limbs, or your average years of wear and tear. The type of damage and how much damage will be the most significant factor in determining whether to repair or replace your roof.

A good rule of thumb is if over 30% of your roof has suffered damage, it should be replaced. Any more damage than that can be unsafe and lead to significant structural, including foundational, damage. In addition to roof repair costs, you’ll spend much more on home improvement costs as other parts of your home’s structure deteriorate.

Storm or tree damage is usually apparent, but the true extent of damage from everyday wear and tear is a bit more insidious. Therefore, it’s essential to have a roofing expert come out and assess your home. From there, you can decide how far the damage reaches, which will help you determine your next move.

How Old Is Your Roof?

The age of your roof is a significant factor in determining whether you should repair or replace the whole thing. Roofs are built to last for roughly 10 to 15 years, so if your roof is relatively new, with less than five years of use, you’re better off repairing your roof. Again, the extent of the damage will also factor in here.

Roofs that have already lived a long life and are over ten or fifteen years will most likely benefit from a replacement. Chances are, if you’re spotting exterior roof damage on your older roof, it also has underlying damages. In this case, replacing your roof will be more cost-effective than patching up small areas.

You will likely need a new roof replacement in the near future, so biting the bullet and getting it done now will save you more money in ongoing repair costs. Typically, patch jobs are only temporary but can also help buy you time to make an informed decision.

What Is Your Budget?

Surprise occurrences can easily lead to unexpected expenses, but taking a moment to see the big picture will help prevent you from making a rash decision based on budgetary restraints. Often, roof damages spring up on us, throwing us into panic and poor decision-making.

For example, if a total roof replacement isn’t financially feasible but greatly needed, researching financing options might be a good option, as it will save you money in ongoing repair costs. A good roofing company will also work with your home insurance company, ensuring you get your due payment on any claims filed.

Insurance companies usually cover storm and hail damage, so the amount they payout might determine what you’re willing to spend on your roof. Reputable roofing companies with integrity will never try to pressure you into a replacement when all you need is a repair.

How Long Do You Plan To Live In Your Home?

If you plan on staying in your home indefinitely and your roof is of a certain age, chances are, you’ll find it worthwhile to invest in a roof replacement. If you have manageable or minor damage and don’t plan on staying in your home much longer, a repair might be a more viable option.

However long you’re planning on staying in your home, a roof replacement is a good investment. It adds value to your home, and as one of the first things potential home buyers ask about, a new roof will give you a great return on investment (ROI). 

If you’re planning a long stay in your home, your investment is going towards peace of mind, safety, comfort, and energy efficiency. The roofing industry is constantly developing innovative roofing technology focused on environmental friendliness. A roof replacement makes any time suitable to cash in on energy savings and a green future. 

At First Texas Roofing, We’re Always Straightforward And Honest With Our Valued Fort Worth, TX, Customers

Unlike other roofing contractors that try to upsell their customers and take advantage of homeowners’ blindspots, we always work with honesty, clearly communicating to our Fort Worth, TX, customers what they need or do not need. For over 15 years, we’ve been trusted to get homeowners the repairs or replacements they deserve.

We work directly with insurance companies, ensuring our customers get the maximum amount for their claims. Working efficiently, we perform repairs, full replacements, and partial replacements depending on your roof’s diagnosis, giving you a stress-free experience. 

Call our 24/7 emergency line at (817) 821-0323 or contact us here to receive a free roof repair or replacement estimate today! 

Roof Repair Fort Worth, TX
What To Do In A Roofing Disaster/Emergency

4 Things To Do When Your Fort Worth, TX, Home Suffers A Roofing Disaster

Be Prepared For When A Roofing Emergency Happens

No one wants to think about the worst, but emergencies happen to our roofs, causing severe and dangerous damage to our Fort Worth, TX, homes. Unfortunately, Fort Worth endures many weather elements, from tornadoes to hurricanes and even ice storms.

Strong winds typically equate to downed trees and power lines, putting your roof into the line of fire. Whether your roof suffers an emergency from a natural disaster, home fire, or construction malfunction, we’re here for you at First Texas Roofing. Roofing disasters happen, but how you respond makes all the difference.

Learning your options during a roofing emergency and being prepared for when disaster strikes will lessen the severity of the problem. This will ensure you get back to your life as soon as possible, safely and comfortably, under your repaired or replaced roof. Here are four things to remember when the unthinkable happens.

1. Get To Safety And Remain Calm

The most important thing to do when a roofing disaster occurs is to get to safety quickly until you can better assess the situation. Downed trees and electrical poles or wires are extremely hazardous and can lead to severe injuries or worse, so removing yourself and your family from immediate danger is crucial.

When it comes to roofing disasters, we’re often initially confused about what happened – we may hear a crash or feel our home shake. Do not attempt to move closer to the source of the damage and get a better look. Once you understand what happened, whether a tree fell or lightning struck, stay away from the damaged area.

When you know everyone in your home is safe and accounted for, you can take a breath and stay as calm as possible.

2. Call A Trustworthy Roofing Company

After you’re safe, call a 24/7 emergency roofing company that will come out immediately to assess the damage. Many roofing contractors will try to take advantage of distressed customers, so it’s essential to research and find a reputable and honest roofing company to handle your disaster. 

An emergency roofing company will come out at all hours of the night and temporarily place a tarp over the damaged area to prevent further damage. Once it’s safe for a roofing crew to come in, they can get a better idea of the damage. Unfortunately, roof damage may also cause structural and foundational damage, so it’s vital to have an experienced contractor assess the total damage.

From there, they will estimate the repair cost and how long it may take. Depending on the seriousness of your roof damage, getting a few estimates on repair costs is okay, ensuring you get the best deal.

3. File An Insurance Claim

Filing an insurance claim can sound like a headache, but it is important to have a trustworthy roofing company on your side during this process. Insurance companies can make mistakes, fail to account for underlying damage, or miscalculate repair costs.

A good roofing company will work with your insurance company first-hand to relay your damage assessment properly. A correct diagnosis is essential in ensuring you get the money you deserve from your insurance company.

Despite their best efforts, insurance companies are not always on your side or don’t know the extent of the damage without an expert eye. Having a representative will save you time and money, get you the most from your insurance claim, and make your experience much less stressful. 

4. Get Your Roof Repaired And Return To Normal

After your claim goes through and you receive the money you’re owed, your roofing company can start their repairs and get your home back up and running. A good contractor knows time is of the essence, but they don’t skimp on repairs just to get through the project quicker.

A trusted roofing repair company will ensure stability returns to your roof and home, using the best products and most-skilled installers to complete the job. Not only will their work be dependable and detail oriented, but your roof will be stronger than before the storm.

A roofing emergency is a scary experience, but when all is said and done, working with a great company can help you make the most out of a bad situation.

When Disaster Strikes, Use A Trusted Fort Worth, TX, Company To Complete Your Roof Repair

We’ve seen a lot of roofing disasters over our 15 years of servicing the Fort Worth, TX, area, and we are well-equipped to handle your issue at First Texas Roofing. Our 24/7 emergency line is always open and ready to assist you and your family, providing comfort in times of distress. 

Our talented crew is ​​licensed, bonded, and certified to diagnose your roofing damage properly. We also work directly with your insurance company, relieving you of your role as the go-between and ensuring you get your full money owed.

Call our 24/7 emergency line at (817) 821-0323 or contact us here to receive a free roof repair estimate today! 

Why You Need a Roof Inspection This Winter

Is your home ready for winter?

Winter is a tough time of year for your roof. Constant rain, sleet, and snow can take its toll on the surface, damage the shingles, and cause leaks. If ice builds up on the roof, it can be not only damaging but dangerous. Drainage and ventilation issues abound in winter. Even in  Texas, where the average snowfall is about one inch each year, it’s still important that your roof be in good shape to weather the elements. Talk to a local roofer about an inspection early this winter so they can tell you what problem areas you may have and how to fix them.


In winter, it’s more important than ever that your storm drain be clean and undamaged. After autumn, your storm drain may be cluttered with damp fallen leaves and branches. These can be easy enough to clear out, but the season might have left other marks on the gutters–like scratches and leaks. If your roof’s drainage system is damaged it won’t be able to properly run all the precipitation from the coming winter off to the side of the home. You could have problems with leaks and standing water on your roof, which in winter could turn into ice. Even if you’ve cleaned your gutters out yourself, have a roofer look them over in a roof inspection to be safe.


In summer, your roof’s vent circulates air through the attic to keep the home from overheating. In winter, when the point is to keep hot air in and cold air out, the roof vent may seem low on your list of priorities. In fact, some homeowners even believe they should cover their roof vent during the winter. However, most roofers wouldn’t advise it. In winter, the attic can become moist and susceptible to mold. Your roof vent protects it by circulating fresh air through the attic. The attic may be cold, but if it’s well-insulated, the rest of your home won’t suffer the effects.

Because the roof vent is still important in winter, it’s just as important as the drainage system that it be in working order. A roofer can look over the vent, clear it of anything that might be blocking its rotation, and replace it if need be before winter comes.


During winter, does your home hold its heat or is much of that heat escaping through the roof? Insulation is key during the colder months, and your roof’s materials make a big difference. A well-insulated metal roof, for instance, is popular in colder climates than we have in TX for its durability and tight coverage. A professional roofer can tell you how well your current roof will keep your home warm and comfortable as the temperatures drop, as well as what materials might do the job better.

Storm Damage

Whether a tree falls on your roof or a late season hurricane comes our way, some things are simply unexpected. Even the most experienced roofer can’t prepare your roof for everything, but an expert knows that roofs are often faced with the unexpected. During a roof inspection, a roofer will spot weak spots on your roof, whether dried out or softened from water damage. These problem areas will need to be fixed as soon as possible. A roofer can tell you, too, if your roof needs to be replaced before it gets too cold. Finding these problems now could save you thousands in damage from accidents as the storms come later in the season. (PS: If you have roof damage, contact us. We also offer roof repairs)

Plans to Sell

Spring is a popular time to sell your home if you’re planning to move. You may already have plans to put your house on the market once the temperatures start to rise again, in which case it’s more important than ever that your roof be in tip-top shape. If winter brings leaks or a weakened roof surface to your home, finding buyers who want to move in will be a challenge. When you schedule a roof inspection, tell your roofer that you plan to sell the house soon. They’ll tell you everything you need to make sure that your home is ready to impress the next owners.

December may be fast approaching, but it’s not too late to schedule your winter roof inspection. In fact, scheduling your roofing inspection for the end of the year can help you go into the next year confident that you’re prepared for whatever it throws your way, especially with the help of an expert roofer. First Texas Roofing has over 15 years of experience in the area providing fair prices and quality roof repair and replacement. Call us today at (817) 821-0323 or contact us online for a free quote and to schedule a roof inspection.

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How Long Does Roofing Work Take

If you’re due to have work done on your roof, one of your first questions is undoubtedly, “How long will it take?” Even with a very professional roofing contractor, roofing work is still loud and a bit disruptive from your daily routine. Knowing in advance how long the roofing work will go on will help you to prepare to get through the day or make plans to go somewhere else.

The short answer for the length of time roofing work takes is that it depends. There are a variety of factors that determine the length of time it will take the roofing contractors to finish roof work on your roof, including what kind of roof work you need, your specific roofing needs, and external factors like weather.

Types of Roofing Work

Varying roofing work takes varying amounts of time. A roof repair or partial roof replacement can take a few hours. If you want to be out of the way for a roof repair, you can simply go to work for the day or go shopping for a few hours and come back home after you’ve received a call that the work is finished. On the other hand, if you’d like to stay home throughout the work, you can do so without missing a full day at work. On the other hand, a full roof replacement can take 1-2 days if the weather permits. Roof inspections take very little time and are the least disruptive forms of roofing work.

Consider Your Roof (Old and New)

Do you have a larger home, with a larger roof? If so, a roof replacement, or even roof repairs, might take a little longer than that of a smaller home. A tiered roof replacement or repair can also take longer than simpler roof designs. When it comes to roof replacements, consider both the size of your home and the materials of the new roof. Materials play into the length of time that the project might take, as well. There’s a distinct difference in time between installing a metal roof and a roof with spanish tiles.


Inclement weather can be the bane of a roofer’s existence. Rain and snow can all delay roofing projects and double the time of a 1-2 day project. Your roofing contractors will ensure that your home is protected with a tarp in the event that it rains halfway through a roof repair or replacement.

The problem with trying to avoid weather delays is that it’s difficult to accurately predict weather that far in advance. Many homeowners prefer to have roof work done in summer, as it’s dryer and there are fewer chances of rainy days. Because of this, it can be difficult to have any flexibility when it comes to scheduling your roofing project. With winter roofing projects, you have more flexibility in scheduling, but you may have more issues with snow or freezing rain. Texas winters tend to be mild and dry, but there are exceptions to the rule.

When you have an upcoming roofing project, ask your roofing contractor how long jobs like this typically take and what they do in the event of inclement weather. Make sure to explain your project thoroughly, whether it’s a repair or replacement, and take into consideration the size of your roof and materials. At First Texas Roofing, we might not be able to predict everything, but we can guarantee that the work will be done as efficiently and carefully as possible and to your highest satisfaction. Contact us today for a free quote.

What to Expect When Living Through a Roofing Job

Living through a roofing project in Keller, Texas might be easier than you think….with the right roofing company.

In all the stress of roofing replacement or repair, one of the concerns that many homeowners have is “how are we going to live through all the construction?” The right roofing company who knows exactly what they’re doing will make it as easy as possible to live through, but it is still construction work and things can feel a little chaotic for a short time. If you’ve never lived through a roofing job before, don’t be afraid to ask roofing companies what to expect from the experience. Here are a few questions that homeowners ask most often about living through a roofing job.

How Long Does it Take?

The length of the job depends on the work required and the roofing company performing the work. Certain repairs may take only hours, whereas roofing replacements are typically finished in 1-5 days. If you hire an expert with experience and someone who knows the area, they’ll be able to work more efficiently…and with less mess. Before hiring, ask any roofing companies you consider how long jobs similar to yours take to complete.

Can I Stay at Home?

Many homeowners prefer to leave for a hotel or stay with family while roofing work is going on, just to avoid all the noise. However, not everyone can afford to do so or feels comfortable leaving their home. You can live in your house through a roof replacement. Keep an eye on children and pets to make sure they stay inside and out of the way of the workers. If your pet is agitated by the work but you aren’t able to leave home, it’s recommended that you keep them confined to one room. If you do leave the house during the work, make sure the roofing company has a number at which they can reach you in case of emergency or questions.

How Much Mess Will There Be?

With any construction work, there will be mess. Especially if this is a roof repair or replacement, you can expect some debris. The right roofing company can minimize the mess and will make sure to clean up afterward, so you won’t have to live with it for long. In the meantime, you’ll want to clear any storage out of the attic and cover up your stuff. Putting something under the vents in your home to catch the debris, like tarp or a trash bag, is also advisable.

What Else Can I Expect?

There are a few things that can be expected and prepared for. Large delivery trucks will probably need extra room in your driveway to deliver materials. Contractors should be informed of the location of your breaker box and whether or not you have something like an evaporative cooler. Noise will be unavoidable and pretty constant throughout the process. But there are other aspects you can’t prepare for. Rainy days will mean that work may need to be halted and the process will be lengthened. Accidents may happen, but if your roofing company is insured, they can resolve any of the damage at no cost to you. Ask your roofing company what you can expect from the project, but keep in mind that you may also need to expect the unexpected.

First Texas Roofing has 15 years of experience performing roof repairs and replacements in Keller, Texas, and we’re committed to making it as comfortable a process for you as possible. We do this every day, so we know what it entails and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have on the subject. Call us at (817) 821-0323 or contact us online for more information or a free quote.