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Commercial Roof Repair In Weatherford, TX By First Texas Roofing
How Hot Is Your Commercial Roof?

How Hot Does Weatherford, TX Commercial
Roofing Systems Get In The Summer?

Learn How Hot Weather Affects
Your Commercial Roof

One of the reasons that many commercial business owners need Weatherford, TX commercial roof repair is due to the hot weather we see during the summer. The sun beating down on a roof can cause temperatures to spike and lead to damage.

While most people in the Parker County area don’t think about how the sun could be damaging their roof or how hot the roof is getting, the sun can be a formidable enemy that you should take the time to consider.

How do you protect your roof in the summer, and how do you know when it needs commercial roof repairs?

The Temperature Of Your Weatherford, TX
Commercial Roof In The Summer

During a hot summer day, have you ever walked outside, stepped onto the blacktop, and thought the temperature went up by ten to twenty degrees while standing there? If you have, you aren’t imagining things.

Blacktops often attract heat, and roofs work in a similar way. But how hot can they get?

The answer varies depending on the temperature outside. However, on a 90-degree day, depending on your roofing material, it could be as hot as 190 degrees, which is definitely too hot to touch.

Let’s take a look at the various roofing materials and their temperature based on a 90-degree summer day:

  • Gravel roofs can be between 125 and 140 degrees
  • Unpainted metal roofs can be up to 140 degrees
  • Black asphalt roofs can get up to 190 degrees
  • Painted metal roofs can get up to 115 degrees

These are rough estimations and will vary. If you were to have trees shading the roof, then, of course, the temperature would be lower.

A good rule of thumb is to take the temperature outside and add anywhere from 20 to 90 degrees to get the roof temperature. Imagine a summer day when temperatures are at 115 degrees, and you could be dealing with a roof that feels more like 200 degrees!

How Can The Heat Result In
Commercial Roof Repairs?

The amount of heat that a commercial roof is holding can result in the need for commercial roof repair. Why is this?

Heat can break down the materials of your roof slowly. When the materials break down, you are more prone to leaks.

As the increased heat begins to break down your materials, it may also make your roof less durable or energy-efficient. Over time, as issues persist, they may call for repairs.

Can Commercial Roof Repairs Take Place During
The Summer Due To The Roof Temperature?

Yes, commercial roof repairs can happen during the summer heat. A professional roofer should be equipped to handle the hotter temperatures and still get the roof repaired correctly.

It’s important not to attempt roof repairs yourself for your own safety. Professional roofers will ensure they wear gloves and other clothing that protects their skin from the intense heat of the roof while performing the repair.

Are Some Commercial Roofing Systems
Better Equipped To Handle The Heat?

The type of roof you have definitely affects the temperature of your roof. For that reason, many business owners look for a roof to handle the area’s heat better. When dealing with Texas heat, the best material choices include:

  • PPC
  • TPO
  • Metal
  • Asphalt
  • Modified Bitumen

These material choices will differ in how hot they get, but they can handle the high heat over a prolonged period without suffering tons of damage.

Of course, you also have to consider the color of the roof when deciding on the best roof to handle the heat. Those darker in color will attract more heat, while lighter colors tend to reflect the sun’s rays.

How Can You Help Your Commercial Roofing
Systems Beat The Heat?

A properly installed roof with adequate ventilation and insulation is the main component that helps keep your roof performing its best, even during hot temperatures.

Some have planted trees around their buildings in the hope that these trees will provide shade to their roof. While the trees will provide shade, you have to consider that during excessive storms, the trees could become the reason your roof is damaged.

Ultimately, your roof will last for years despite battling the heat. Ensuring that proper maintenance is done and any commercial roof repairs are made by a qualified roofer extends the life of your roof and ensures it can handle the heat.

Free Estimate For Your Weatherford, TX
Commercial Roof Repair

If your Weatherford, TX property requires commercial roof repair, First Texas Roofing offers repairs you can count on. Whether you want to ensure your roof is ready to handle the heat or fear heat damage, we are here for you.

Get your free estimate by calling 817-821-0323 today.

Commercial Roof Repair In Weatherford, TX By First Texas Roofing
Stop The Leaks With Commercial Roof Repairs

3 Steps To Take When Leaks
Strike Your Weatherford, TX
Commercial Roofing System

Commercial Roof Repair
To The Rescue

For owners who find leaks in their commercial buildings, it can be disconcerting to find out what to do next. The main thing to remember is that you will need Weatherford, TX commercial roof repair to get your roof back into fighting shape.

However, when you notice the leak and the professionals arrive, what can you do for your Parker County commercial roof? We have outlined the steps to take when a leak strikes so you have minimal damage and can get on with your day.

Step 1: Call For Commercial Roof Repair ASAP

When you notice the leak, there is no reason to wait. You need to contact professional roofers to help analyze what the issue is and fix it.

Remember, roof repair is something that is best handled by a licensed professional. Otherwise, the issue could worsen if you attempt a DIY repair.

Let the professional know that you have a leak, a general area in which it is located, such as the front or back of the building, and set up an appointment for them to look at it. Of course, in these cases, the sooner, the better, so you can minimize the damage that the leak will do.

Step 2: Help Prevent Issues With Your Weatherford, TX Leak

When we say help prevent issues with the leak, we mainly talk about the inside of your building. After all, who wants to have a leak slowly saturating the floor? That is why you will want to consider some of the following:

  • Putting a large container to catch any water coming from the roof leak
  • Set up signs that caution others the floor is wet to avoid any slips and falls
  • Use towels and other items to dry up any water that is around to keep the interior as dry as possible

Do what is best for you, but remember, if you have numerous people inside, you want to keep them safe while you deal with the leak issue.

Step 3: Have A Commercial Roof
Repair Done To Stop The Leak

Once your professional arrives, they will look at the issue and lay out the solutions for your roofing issues. In most cases, if the leak comes from a small area of your roof, a repair is often sufficient to stop the issue.

The commercial roof repair should be done as soon as possible so you are not dealing with rainwater entering your commercial building for weeks and months. Remember, the longer a leak goes without repair, it can cause tons of damage to the actual building.

Common Questions People Ask About Addressing
Leaks In A Commercial Roofing System

When you leave your leak repair up to a professional, there is very little that you have to do on your own. The key to addressing any type of leak from your roof is to get help as soon as you see the leak to avoid further damage.

With this being said, those commercial owners who are experiencing a leak in their roof for the first time often have questions about the repairs that take place, and we want to do our best to give you peace of mind that you are handled.

How Long Does A Roof Repair Take?

The time it takes to repair a commercial roof will depend on several factors. These factors include the repair size needed, the roofing material, the weather, and much more. Here at First Texas Roofing, we always give a time frame estimate when we come out to look at your damaged roof.

Is A Commercial Roof Repair Better Than Replacing The Roof?

If you can extend the life of your roof with a repair, why would you spend the extra money for a replacement? If a repair will get your roof back into fighting shape, then that is what we recommend. It ensures you get the most bang for your buck!

Will A Commercial Roof Repair Disrupt Business?

We always try to avoid disrupting your business. However, if your leak is located near the entrance of your building, people may have to walk around the equipment we use to repair the leak.

We work with you to find the best time for your repair that will do the least harm to the comings and goings of your commercial location.

Free Estimates For Your Weatherford, TX
Commercial Roof Repair

First Texas Roofing has quality commercial roof repair services for those who leak in their commercial roof in Weatherford, TX. Wherever the leak is located, you can rest assured we will get your roof back into great shape.

For your free estimate, call today at 817-821-0323.

Important Factors About Commercial Flat Roofing Systems In White Settlement TX by First Texas Roofing
Top Considerations When Buying a Commercial Flat Roofing System

6 Factors To Consider When Buying A
Commercial Flat Roofing System For
Your White Settlement, TX Business

Get The Most Out Of Your New
Commercial Roof Installation

One of the most common roofs on businesses is flat commercial roofing in White Settlement, TX. These roofs come with many benefits but also have some unique challenges.

In the following guide, we’ll discuss some of the key considerations to be made when purchasing a commercial flat roofing system and what you can do as a property owner to maintain your roof for several years.

1. Flat Commercial Roofing Costs

Before choosing to have a new flat commercial roofing system installed, consider the costs that come with it. These considerations involve several things, such as maintenance and potential repair costs, labor, and more.

One of the key benefits of a flat commercial roofing system is that they are typically more cost-effective to install than sloped roofs. These roofing systems can also be made with a wide variety of materials, which means that you have various options for the look and feel of your flat commercial roof.

2. Usable Space On Your Commercial Roofing System

Another thing that many property owners appreciate about flat commercial roofing systems is that they have usable space. Depending on what your needs may be, you could benefit from a flat system and use it as an additional space outside of your building.

Some of these flat systems even have a place where property owners can store items or have an area that is easily accessible.

3. Ease Of Commercial Roof Repair

One of the best things about a flat roofing system is that it can be easier to repair due to its accessibility. Roofers can walk on and inspect your flat roof without the need for some of the materials required for sloped roofs.

When it comes to commercial properties, it’s advised to regularly inspect, perform maintenance, and quickly get repairs done on your roof when possible. Having a flat roofing system makes all of these things more accessible and seamless for property owners, allowing you to maintain your roof’s condition.

4. Drainage Systems For Your Commercial Roofing

When you’re investing in a new flat commercial roof, you have to consider the drainage system. Water-related issues can cause extensive damage to any roofing system, and flat roofs have a unique problem. If water pools on a flat roof, it can stay there for a significant period, seep into the roof, and cause leaks, mildew, and mold buildup in your building.

Working with a reliable roofing company is important to create a drainage system that performs well for your flat roof to prevent standing water. This can avoid several costly repairs in the future.

5. Durability Of Your Commercial Roofing

Another key benefit of flat commercial roofing is that these roofs are highly durable. When installed and maintained properly, these roofs can have a long lifespan. A flat roof can last around 20 to 25 years. This number can change based on the materials used to make this roof and how well you maintain and keep up the quality of the roof.

6. Solar Energy For Commercial Roofing

If you plan to have your business go green, a new flat commercial roofing system may be well worth the investment. These roofs are great for solar panels because of their flat surface. This can lead to significant savings for your building as you can reduce your utility bills while lowering your carbon footprint.

Make sure to ask your roofing company or any local solar panel provider what the potential benefits are for solar panels on your flat commercial roof.

Call First Texas Roofing Today To Get Your Flat
Commercial Roof In White Settlement, TX

The key to a successful flat commercial roofing system is working with a roofing company with knowledge and experience. When a commercial roofing system is installed properly, you can avoid some of the issues that come with it and have an easier time when it comes to maintenance, repairs, and ensuring your roof lasts for a long time to come.

At First Texas Roofing, our team is here to help you with every aspect of the flat roofing process. We’ll answer any questions you may have and walk you through everything from the moment you call us until the final inspection. Give us a call today for your free estimate.

First Texas Roofing performing a commercial roofing inspection on a White Settlement, TX building
Inspecting A White Settlement, TX Commercial Roof Before You Sell

Why You Should Get Your Commercial Roof
Inspected Before Selling Your Property
In White Settlement, TX

Don’t Get Surprised By Bad
Commercial Roofing

When you plan to sell your commercial property, it’s important to make sure everything is in proper order. One of the key things you should do as a property owner is have your commercial roofing in White Settlement, TX inspected.

With a proper inspection from a licensed professional, you can learn a lot about your property, and it’ll impact the sales process. The following guide illustrates some of the main reasons why getting your commercial roof inspected before selling your property is ideal.

Commercial Roof Inspections Comply With Regulation

The last thing you would want as a commercial property owner is to sell something that does not meet local building codes and regulations. This could easily complicate the process and make a sale more difficult.

Getting your commercial roof inspected allows you to ensure that your roof meets any local building codes or regulations. This is incredibly important to the successful sale of your property.

With a pre-sale inspection, you can identify any issues that may lead to your roof being non-compliant. By addressing these issues ahead of time, you avoid any potential legal issues that could arise after you sell your property.

Avoid Any Unexpected Commercial Roof Surprises

One of the main reasons why any property owner should get their commercial roof inspected before putting it up for sale is to avoid any surprises. With an inspection, you can find any problems such as leaks, moisture damage, insulation issues, and more before you put the property on the market.

By neglecting to get these types of inspections for your property, you run into the issue of a potential buyer identifying these problems instead. If a potential buyer does spot these problems, it may make it difficult for you to sell the property, or it could negatively impact the final sale price.

Make It Easier To Sell Your White Settlement Property

By getting your commercial roof inspected, you can identify and address any of the problems it may have. By doing this, you have a well-maintained roof that can be appealing to many potential property buyers. Your roof is an important part of your building,, and keeping it in excellent condition can indicate to potential buyers how well you maintain the property.

This also allows you to market your property as ready to be used more immediately, as the buyer doesn’t have to worry about doing extensive repairs before using the new place. When the market is highly competitive, having a well-maintained roof with a great appearance can serve you well in selling your property more quickly.

Commercial Roofing Inspections Help With Negotiations

Another reason you should get your roof inspected is that it can give you leverage when it comes to negotiations. Being able to confidently provide paperwork that shows the roof has been inspected and has several years of life left without the need for repairs is a great way to demonstrate the value of the property.

If you’ve regularly kept your roof maintained and in excellent condition leading up to the sale, it puts you in a better position during negotiations to sell your property at a cost you feel is proportional to its condition.

Speeding Up The Sales Process In White Settlement

When selling a property, it’s best to do everything you can to present it in a way that attracts buyers. Having a commercial property with a well-maintained roof that a professional has inspected is likely to attract more interested buyers.

With a detailed inspection report, you assure potential buyers that the property has maintained its structural integrity and reduce any concerns they may have regarding repairs in the future.

Having the proper paperwork and information can make buyers more confident and potentially speed up the sales process.

Call First Texas Roofing Today For Your
Next Commercial Roofing Inspection

If you’re considering selling your commercial property, work with a team that can give you a thorough, detailed roof inspection. We’ll go through every aspect of your roof, from the structural integrity to its overall condition, and tell you everything about it in a detailed report.

Our team of professionals is happy to help you and answer any questions you may have about the roof of your commercial property in the Tarrant County area. Call us today for your free estimate.

Snow And Ice Hanging Off Roof
4 Commercial Roofing Issues To Watch For During Winter

4 Commercial Roofing Issues To Watch For
During Winter In White Settlement, TX

Don’t Let Winter Weather Destroy
Your Commercial Roofing

Your White Settlement, TX commercial roofing experiences all seasons. However, winter is one time that many building owners worry about. After all, winter weather can be an issue for the roads you travel daily, so why wouldn’t it affect your roof?

For those in the Tarrant County area, winter weather can take a variety of shapes. You may have many cloudy days with rain and wind, snow, cold temperatures, and even mild days that don’t feel like winter.

Due to the fluctuations you may see in the winter, it is essential to note what dangers you must be aware of to ensure your commercial roof does not suffer. After all, if a commercial roof does have problems, it could be a massive headache for you!

1. Commercial Roofing Wind Damage

Wind damage can happen at any time of the year; however, with the weather in White Settlement, TX, you may see some strong gusts during the winter. Wind damage can come in a variety of forms.

For example, commercial buildings with asphalt roofing may notice shingles blowing up, allowing water to penetrate the roof. Those metal commercial roofs could even see metal strips being bent, depending on the speed of wind gusts.

No matter what commercial roof material you have on your building, wind can damage it by weakening it.

2. Ice Dams On Commercial Roofing

An ice dam often occurs on sloped commercial roofs. It is the process of water eventually freezing, melting, and freezing back over some time. The problem is that ice dams can be significantly heavy on your roof.

When these ice dams melt, the water can go back under the roof covering, leading to leaks inside the building. In situations in which the ice dam is heavy, it could result in the roof starting to bend and break under the weight.

3. Snow And Commercial Roofing

While the area may not see significant snowfalls compared to Northern states, snow can strain your roof. Heavy snow has been known to result in leaks inside the building and structural damage to the roof.

Remember, every commercial roof has a load-bearing weight that it can handle. In situations in which you have items on your roof, such as if you were to have a flat commercial roof, the snow buildup could bring the weight to the max.

Luckily, those with sloped commercial roofs have less to worry about unless there is significant snowfall.

4. Commercial Roofing And Condensation

Condensation is a concern during the winter because you are heating your building with lower temperatures outside. If your roof is not adequately ventilated, condensation can form, eventually leading to the roof becoming damaged and needing repair.

That is why ensuring your roof ventilation is in working form for your building is essential! If the ventilation in your commercial building is not up to par, then it may be time to consider having it replaced to make it work better.

Remember, condensation will weaken your roof, cause mold and mildew in the insulation, invite pests to invade your building, and much more.

How To Avoid These Winter Issues With Commercial Roofing

Now that you know the four issues that can occur to your commercial roof during the winter, you need to pay special attention to avoiding these issues. While you cannot control what type of winter weather you experience, you can do your best to ensure your commercial roof is up to handling it.

Get Your Roof Inspected

One of the more important methods to prepare your commercial roof for the winter season is to have it inspected by a professional roofer. The roofer will be looking for anything that could cause you problems later.

Ideally, you want to have your roof inspected in the Fall so that you can make arrangements for anything to be fixed that the roofer may point out.

Perform Any Needed Repairs Before Winter Hits

Waiting until after the winter to fix roof issues may mean causing more damage to your building. Remember, if the roofer points out some items that need repair, it is in your best interest to repair them as soon as possible.

And if possible, you want to repair the list of items your roofer found before the winter weather hits!

After Bad Weather, Take The Time To Check Around The Building

If you have a significantly lousy winter storm hit the area, then you want to take the time to look around your building for any signs that your roof has suffered damage. For example, look inside the building for any leaks that could be happening.

Also, take the time to look for any shingles or pieces of the roof around your property, as this can signal a huge problem that you need to rectify now.

Free Quotes For Your White Settlement, TX
Commercial Roofing

If you are not sure whether your White Settlement, TX commercial roofing is up to handling the winter weather that heads our way, then it is time to be proactive and let the professionals take a look. At First Texas Roofing, we are the professionals you can trust for all things related to commercial roofing.

Call today at 817-821-0323 for your free quote!

Commercial roofing damage in White Settlement, TX
Leaking Commercial Roofing? Here’s What To Look For

5 Interior Signs Of Commercial Roof Damage
And Leaks In White Settlement, TX

Protect Your Roof And Property By Watching
For These Early Signs Of Roof Damage

Commercial roofs in White Settlement, TX, are built to be strong and withstand the elements, but over time, damage and leaks can occur.

Knowing the signs of roof damage and leaks can allow you to arrange for roofing repairs before the damage becomes severe and spreads to other parts of your property.

Let’s look at some of the most common interior signs of commercial roof damage and leaks.

#1 Visible Water Leaking From Commercial Roofing Systems

Leaking water is one of the most obvious signs that your commercial roof is damaged. It’s not always easy to see, however. Sometimes, water can leak around the edges of your walls or along the trim.

If you aren’t looking for the leaks, seeing them might take a while. Of course, water can also leak from the center of a roof. If you suspect your commercial roof may be damaged, check the ceiling and walls for signs of leaks.

If they feel soft and damp, or if you can see streams or beads of water on them. It means water is getting inside your commercial property, and you need commercial roofing repairs.

#2 Stains On The Walls And Ceilings Of Your
White Settlement Commercial Building

If water enters your property through your roof, you might see stains on your walls and ceilings. Some ceilings show stains more easily than others, and certain materials and paint colors can make it harder to notice.

The stains are usually round and can grow as time goes on. Streaking is another type of stain to look for. Severe stains look darker than newer stains. Touching the stains can cause the ceiling or wall to break open and make a hole.

#3 Visible Damage Found During A
Commercial Roof Inspection

If you suspect your commercial roof might be damaged, a roofing inspection can tell you for sure. An experienced roof inspector will assess your roof and find signs of damage.

They will tell you if your roof is leaking or vulnerable to leaks and other damage. They will also recommend repairs.

Even if your roof isn’t leaking during the inspection, the inspector might find obvious signs of damage that show your roof is at risk for a leak and needs to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

#4 Pest Infestations In Or Around Your Commercial Roofing

Pests love areas that are dark, damp, and easily accessible. If your roof is damaged and leaking, there’s a good chance pests will find their way into your property. They can range from insects to rodents and aren’t always easy to notice.

They can hide and live in your roof for a long time before you eventually see signs of droppings, nests, or even see them running around.

Making repairs to your roof will make your commercial property less appealing to them. If they don’t leave on their own after repairs, you can arrange for extermination services.

#5 Mold Growth On Your Commercial
Roof And Interior Spaces

Mold loves to grow in areas that stay dark and wet. If your commercial roof leaks, it could create the perfect environment for mold to spread. Mold causes health problems and leaves unsightly stains on your roof and ceiling.

Removing it is also difficult and expensive. Repairing your roof can reduce the moisture and mold. Mold usually grows behind walls and above ceiling boards, so it’s not always easy to see.

If you notice an odd smell or your commercial property seems damp or moist, it’s a good idea to check for leaks and mold growth.

Choose First Texas Roofing For All Your Commercial
Roofing Service Needs In White Settlement, TX

If you suspect your commercial roof in Tarrant County may be leaking, you need the help of an experienced commercial roofing company.

At First Texas Roofing, we can provide a professional inspection to find any signs of leaks or damage. We can also make the necessary repairs or even replace your roof if needed.

We have been in the roofing industry for decades and are happy to help you protect your commercial property from water damage. Contact First Texas Roofing for a free commercial roofing estimate.

What is the best time of year for residential roof replacement

The Best Time Of Year For A Residential
Roofing Installation In Willow Park, TX

Hear What The Experts At First Texas Roofing
Have To Say To Get The Most Out Of Your
Parker County Roof Installation

Our experts at First Texas Roofing highly recommend replacing your new roof NOW, before any problems your roof may have are exacerbated by rain, ice, or excessive heat.

Fall is the ideal time (temperature-wise), but putting off residential roof replacement until the fall – especially if you’ve noticed damage and it’s only the beginning of the year – will cause more harm than good.

Here at First Texas Roofing, we can replace your roof with top-quality materials any time of the year, regardless of the weather. Over the past 15 years we’ve been in business, we’ve gained a reputation for exceptional service.

Fall is generally considered a great season for residential roof installations because:

  • Cooler weather means fewer overheated workers and faster roof installation
  • Extreme temperatures (either hot or cold) will interfere with shingles sealing
  • Less humidity and (usually) less rain

What are the Downsides of a Fall
Residential Roof Installation?

For all the benefits of scheduling and completing a roofing installation during the fall months, there are some downsides.

For those of us in Parker County, we all know how crazy the weather can get.

Fall months are usually pleasant and mild – but they can also be rainy and windy. The holiday season begins in the fall when a major project like a roof installation can be a bad idea if you have friends and family coming for a visit.

Having a major project such as a roofing installation can add more stress to an already overbooked holiday season – especially if you plan on having family and friends over.

Since fall is known for being a great time for a roof replacement, prepare for difficulty getting an appointment with a roofing company. At First Texas Roofing, we’re open Monday – Saturday, 9 AM to 6 PM, so we can serve you during even the busiest times of the year.

Our experts pride themselves in customer service and high-quality residential roofing. No matter how busy the season gets, we’ll go the extra mile to schedule your residential roof installation at a time that’s best for you.

What If I Need A Residential
Roof Replacement NOW?

We get it – life happens. It’s great when you can schedule your roof replacement when the roof of your Willow Park home starts showing its age, but disasters happen year-round. And given that Parker County has seen its fair share of tornadoes and floods, Texans must be prepared for anything.

It’s kind of hard to wait until fall when tornado season sends a tree through your roof! Here at First Texas Roofing, we’ll work directly with your insurance company so you don’t have to deal with the time-consuming headache of claims and costly mistakes due to your insurance company cutting corners.

Having a top-quality roofing company like First Texas Roofing guarantees you have someone on your side who has your best interests in mind, helping you get the most out of your claim.

When storms hit, make sure you know how to quickly get emergency repairs for your residential roof.

Is Spring A Good Time For A Residential
Roof Installation?

It’s easy to connect mild temperatures and the best time for residential roof repair and installation. After all, if fall is the best time of year to replace your roof, wouldn’t spring also be the best time?

While fall and spring have mild temperatures in common – being neither too hot nor too cold – one thing makes all the difference.


Spring is known for its rainy days. In Willow Park, the rainiest months of the year are April, May, and June, when homeowners in Parker County should expect a third of each month to be rainy.

Rain spells bad news for shingles, which need dry weather to seal properly.
Besides the rain, spring is a popular season for installing a new roof. Our roofers at First Texas Roofing aren’t afraid of a little rain and will work hard to install your new roof, rain or shine.

Residential Roof Installation And Roof
Repair: The Summer Months

It’s no secret that summer is the most popular month for moving and home renovation. However, the extreme Texas summers can be daunting when it comes to roof installations.

Here in Willow Park, TX, summer temperatures easily rise into the triple digits. Add this to the physical labor done outside on a high rooftop, and you may have some safety concerns.

Extreme summer temperatures keep the shingles from sealing, so you should steer clear from scheduling your residential roof installment during the summer months.

If you need new roofing for your Parker County home but don’t want to deal with the headaches and sales pressure from other roofing companies, we have you covered at First Texas Roofing.

Winter Roof Installations

We’re lucky in Parker County. Our winters are cold, but not pipes-frozen-solid kind of cold. We’ll leave those kinds of winters to our neighbors in the Midwest. But sleet and ice are still a risk if you’re thinking of replacing your roof during the winter.

Winter’s near-freezing temperatures can affect shingles’ ability to seal properly, which can lead to costly issues down the road. Icy surfaces are unsafe to work on, and slips and falls can result in serious injuries.

Our experienced professionals at First Texas Roofing are here for you year-round, and we’ll work through any weather to replace your residential roof and get your home looking great in no time.

We’re experienced in working in all kinds of weather, so don’t hesitate to contact us for your residential roofing installation.

Quality Year-Round Residential Roof Installation
And Roof Repair In Willow Park, TX

First Texas Roofing is here year-round regardless of when you need a new roof.

At First Texas Roofing, we’ll never pressure you to replace or repair your roof at a certain time. We stand by our time-tested method of putting the customer’s needs first and streamlining the roofing process – cutting out all the high-pressure sales tactics of our competitors.

Whether the reliable old roof of your Parker County home is showing its wear or an unexpected disaster warrants a new roof ASAP, First Texas Roofing is the place to call.

Even if you don’t know if you need a roof repair or replacement, talk to our experts at (817) 821-0323 and learn how to keep your roof in peak condition for years to come.

Workers On Commercial Buiding Roof
Tips For Commercial Roof Repair In Lake Worth, TX

5 Tips For Commercial Roof Repair On
Your Lake Worth, TX Property

What Causes Roof Damage And
How Can You Prevent It?

When you require commercial roof repair in Lake Worth, TX, perhaps the best decision you can make is to choose a proven roof contractor. However, you can also take steps to prevent damage from occurring and to maintain the property without the need for a professional.

This saves you money and puts you in control of the commercial roof repair process. The sections below offer several important tips to address or prevent the need for roof repair on your commercial, industrial, retail, or multi-family residential property.

1. Clean Your Commercial Roofing System Regularly

One of the primary reasons buildings require commercial roof repair is that they suffer damage due to windblown debris. Also, organic matter collects moisture, holds it against the roof, and gives water time to penetrate the shingles or the flat roof membrane. You can avoid these issues by keeping your commercial roof clean.

Sweep it regularly so it is free of leaves, twigs, dirt, and other debris. Once the organic matter is gone, rinse the roof down with clean water.

If you use a pressure washer, do not apply maximum force. Limit the spray to low or medium pressure and adjust the nozzle so the spray is at least moderately wide. High pressure and a narrow spray can damage roofing materials.

When you apply a detergent, make sure to choose one that is natural, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. Harsh chemicals can cause the shingles or membrane to crack, and they might be harmful to local flora and fauna. You don’t want toxins entering nearby groundwater, cisterns, rivers, or lakes.

2. Trim Back Trees To Avoid Commercial Roof Repair

Another common source of commercial roof damage is tree limbs buffeting the shingles or membrane during windstorms. Wildly waving tree branches can cause a lot of damage, and they can penetrate the roof if they snap off a tree and fall onto your building.

Because of this, you should trim back tree limbs so they do not overhang your building. This also simplifies your maintenance requirements because it limits the number of leaves, buds, blossoms, and other debris that lands on the roof. These items would otherwise need to be swept off to prevent moisture accumulation or roof damage.

Trim branches back so they are 6–10 feet away from the roof. This should be far enough away to prevent contact and to keep shedding leaves from accumulating on the roof.

3. Avoid Walking On Your Lake Worth, TX Roof

It may be tempting to walk on a flat commercial roof. They seem perfectly suited for relaxation on a lunch hour or for sunning oneself before or after a work shift. However, pressure on the shingles or membrane can damage these features and put the roof at risk of leaks.

Prohibit workers or building occupants from accessing the roof for leisure purposes. The only reason to walk on the roof is to access it for maintenance. Keep the roof door locked and hang a sign allowing access by authorized personnel.

4. Remove Snow From Your Tarrant County Roof

Another cause of roof damage is the weight of accumulated snow. Granted, it doesn’t snow a lot in Tarrant County, but when it does, you should remove it as soon as possible. Accumulated weight puts a strain on support structures and outer roofing materials.

Check the forecast for the week’s predicted temperatures. If it is expected to remain cold, carefully sweep or shovel snow off the roof.

If you expect the temperatures to rise and melt the snow within a day or so, be sure the roof drainage system is not clogged. Melted snow that cannot escape the roof will puddle and slowly seep into the occupied area of the structure. You certainly don’t want to risk water damage, peeling wallpaper, ceiling stains, or mold growth.

5. Have A Commercial Roof Inspection Completed Regularly

To minimize the risk of indoor water damage due to roof leaks, hire a commercial roof repair company to inspect your Tarrant County roof. The process is affordable, takes only a couple of hours, and could save you a lot of money in water damage repairs.

A yearly roof inspection involves an expert evaluating your shingles or roof membrane for effectiveness and deterioration. They inspect the flashings for condition, make any necessary repairs, and perform preventative maintenance so that any minor problems never become emergencies.

Signs You Need Commercial Roof Repair

Failure to attend to roof problems in a timely manner can lead to other issues. For instance, roof leaks can cause water damage to the flooring, support structure, and finishings of your building. They can also lead to mold infestation.

Some of the most common signs that your business needs commercial roof repair include the following:

  • Damage to flashings: Flashings are the metal guards on the roof around chimneys, vents, and other roof penetrations.
  • Condensation on windows and skylights: Condensation forms when indoor air quality is very humid, often due to a roof leak.
  • Roof leaks: A leaking roof indicates damage to the shingles, flat roof membrane, or other commercial roof components.
  • Puddling water: If you find puddles of water in your building, even if you do not see leaks or drips, it likely means you need commercial roof repair.

Request A Free Estimate For Commercial Roof Repair
On Your Lake Worth, TX Commercial Building

When you need commercial roof repair on your Lake Worth, TX property, Contact First Texas Roofing for assistance. We offer roof inspections, commercial roof repair, and other roofing-related services throughout Tarrant County.

Call us at (817) 821-0323 to request a free estimate today.

A professional roofer in protective gear performs a commercial roof repair in Lake Worth, TX for First Texas Roofing
Get Your Commercial Roof Repair Before Jack Frost Attacks!

5 Reasons To Plan Your Commercial Roof
Repair Before Winter In Lake Worth, TX

Why You Should Repair Your Commercial
Roof Before Winter Hits Tarrant County

Are you putting off commercial roof repair in Lake Worth, TX? With winter quickly approaching, it is crucial to plan ahead by scheduling a commercial roof inspection and planning your commercial roof restoration. A sturdy, well-maintained roof is a business’s first line of defense against costly damage from the winter weather.

Choosing a qualified commercial roofing company like First Texas Roofing is critical to ensure that the roof of your business is protected. From inspections to commercial roof installation, here’s why you will want to have all of your commercial roofing services finished before the cold reaches Tarrant County.

1 – Commercial Roof Repair Protects
Your Business Assets

Commercial roof restoration or repair is a proactive way to protect your business assets during the winter months. Damage to your commercial roof could interrupt your day-to-day business, cause damage to inventory and equipment inside of the building, and even put employees and customers at risk.

By investing in commercial roof repair from First Texas Roofing, you can avoid leaks, water damage, mold, and structural issues that could occur if your roof fails or becomes damaged. Our commercial roofing contractors will perform an inspection, consult with you, and perform your roof repair quickly and efficiently.

2 – Extend The Lifespan Of Your Roof
With Commercial Roof Repair

Regular maintenance and commercial roof repairs can greatly extend the lifespan of commercial roofing systems. By discovering and dealing with minor issues immediately, you can avoid them becoming major problems later on. Something as simple as a small leak can turn into a complete roof replacement if not addressed quickly.

Scheduling a commercial roof inspection and keeping up with regular maintenance will not only extend the time your commercial roof will last but also save you money. Repairing a small leak now is much less costly than a total replacement or commercial roof installation.

3 – Commercial Roof Inspections Can Enhance
Your Building’s Energy Efficiency

Your building’s energy efficiency is also increased with regular roof maintenance and repairs. Issues such as air leaks, water leaks, inadequate ventilation, torn or damaged insulation, and other problems can cause your heating system to become overworked. This can reduce the energy efficiency of your building and increase your energy bills.

You can avoid these issues by calling First Texas Roofing to inspect and repair your commercial roof. We will ensure that your roof is properly sealed, adequately insulated, and has no leaks or tears. This will help minimize heat loss during the winter and lower your energy consumption, saving money in the long term.

4 – Regular Commercial Roof Repairs
To Maintain Your Company’s Image

Would you visit a grocery store, enter a clothing shop, or dine in a restaurant where the roof was falling in? By keeping maintenance appointments with a commercial roofing company like First Texas Roofing, you are taking steps to uphold your business reputation and professional image.

A poorly maintained roof can give the appearance of neglect, unconcern, or laziness. Customers may feel there’s no reason to trust you with their business if you don’t care for your own. Upkeep on your commercial building is vital to attract potential customers and keep them coming back.

5 – Hire Professionals For Commercial Roof
Repairs To Ensure A Job Well Done

When you invest in commercial roof repairs, you want to be sure that the work is done correctly and will last a long time. You must choose a commercial roofing company with experience in commercial roof inspection, repair, installation, and restoration. They will have everything needed to get the job done right.

Hiring a professional roofing team like First Texas Roofing ensures that your job will be done with expertise, experience, and professionalism. We have the proper tools, equipment, and specially trained personnel to ensure your roof will be ready for anything that winter can bring.

Trust First Texas Roofing For Commercial
Roof Repair In Lake Worth, TX

If your building needs commercial roof repair in Lake Worth, TX, don’t wait until the snow starts falling. Making inspection and repair of your commercial roof a priority can protect your assets, make your roof last longer, enhance your building’s energy efficiency, and maintain your professional image.

Choosing the best commercial roofing near you will ensure that the job is done with professionalism, experience, expertise, and the tools and equipment needed to do the job right the first time. First Texas Roofing is here for all your commercial roofing needs in Tarrant County. Call today for your free quote!

A commercial roof is leak-free in Lake Worth, TX thanks to First Texas Roofing commercial roof repair
How Can I Prevent Leaks In My Lake Worth, TX Commercial Roof?

Ultimate Guide To Avoiding Commercial Roof
Repair For Roof Leaks In Lake Worth, TX

Protect Your Business’s Assets With
These Recommendations

At some time or another, every business owner will need commercial roof repair in Lake Worth, TX. Of course, you can cut down on the cost of this repair if you know how to avoid commercial roof leaks. At First Texas Roofing, we aim to help you maintain your commercial roof to avoid the most costly repairs.

Over time, wear and tear, extreme weather conditions, and other factors can lead to roof leaks, causing significant damage that will interrupt the daily operations of your business.

Understanding how to avoid commercial roof leaks can save money by keeping your roof sealed and your business open. Here are some ways to prevent commercial roof leaks in Tarrant County.

Regular Commercial Roof Inspections

Regular inspections by a professional commercial roofing company, such as First Texas Roofing, are essential for maintaining the integrity of your roof. A thorough commercial roof inspection can identify potential problems, such as loose or damaged shingles, deteriorating flashing, or clogged drainage systems.

Addressing these issues can prevent leaks and other issues from developing, saving you from costly repairs later on. Our experienced team offers annual commercial roof inspections to help you stay ahead of the game.

Invest In Commercial Roof Restoration

Commercial roof restoration is one way to maintain a commercial roof and avoid the need for a complete roof replacement. Not only does this method address existing issues, but it also extends the lifespan of your roofing system.

Our team can reinforce your roof’s protective barriers by applying coatings or sealants to prevent leaks and make your roof last longer. With the proper restoration techniques, you can save on replacement costs and even improve your building’s energy efficiency.

Choose A Reliable Commercial Roofing Contractor

When it comes to commercial roofing services, picking a reputable and experienced contractor is vital. A knowledgeable commercial roofing company like First Texas Roofing will have the expertise to install, repair, and maintain your commercial roofing system.

You can check our ratings, read our customer reviews, and check our case studies to learn about our reliability and professionalism. By partnering with a trusted commercial roofer, you can have peace of mind knowing that your roof is in capable hands.

Regular Maintenance And Cleaning

Regular maintenance is critical to preventing roof leaks. Keeping your gutters clean and free from debris can ensure proper water drainage. Trimming nearby trees and vegetation that could damage the roof during strong winds or storms will also help maintain your commercial roof.

Accumulated dirt or leaves should be removed from the roof surface to avoid clogs that can trap water and lead to leaks. Staying on top of maintenance tasks can greatly reduce the risk of roof damage and leaks. First Texas Roofing is happy to handle this for you.

Proper Installation And Quality Materials

Using high-quality materials and following industry best practices is crucial during commercial roof installation or repair. Cutting corners on installation or using subpar materials can lead to premature roof failure and commercial roof leaks.

Choose a commercial roofing contractor like First Texas Roofing. We have a proven track record of using top-grade materials and delivering exceptional workmanship. Investing in quality from the start can help avoid commercial roof leaks.

Trust First Texas Roofing For Commercial
Roof Repair In Lake Worth, TX

It is easy to see how First Texas Roofing can provide for all your commercial roof repair needs in Lake Worth, TX. We can help you avoid commercial roof leaks with proper installation and maintenance. We will check for potential issues and correct small problems before they become huge and costly.

Don’t wait until you need a complete commercial roof replacement. Let First Texas Roofing perform commercial roof maintenance and commercial roof repairs now. Give us a call today for a free quote on all of your commercial roofing needs in the Tarrant County area.

Commercial Roof That Is Gravel
Process For Commercial Roof Replacement – Azle TX

The Process For Replacing Commercial
Roofing In Azle, TX

How To Prepare, What
To Expect, & Tips To Help

Many business owners have never dealt with any Azle, TX commercial roofing issue. Thus, a hundred questions may run through their minds when they are told it is time for a replacement.

For example:

  • How long will it take?
  • Can I make the process run smoothly?
  • Do I really need a commercial roof replacement?
  • How will the roof installers work on my commercial roof?
  • Will my business be in jeopardy because of roof replacement?

And so many more! After all, if you are new to the process, you don’t know what to expect. That is why many Tarrant County property owners look at commercial roofing as a much-needed medical examination you don’t want to deal with but know you have to.

Luckily, we have outlined the process of commercial roof replacement for you so you can be knowledgeable of what will happen and what steps you can take to be prepared. The more you understand the process, the better it will go for you.

What Can You Expect During A Commercial Roofing Project?

Before you are confident that you need a roof replacement, you want to ensure that you have a licensed professional take a look and assess your commercial roof. And you want someone that will be honest about what they find.

Once the assessment has been performed, you will see your options. Then it becomes a hunt for the right contractor to replace the roof when it works for you – someone who also does fantastic work.

What you should expect from this process is to get a clear idea of what you are dealing with from your commercial roof and to find the right contractor to handle the work. You may have to research the contractor you consider to ensure you will get someone who will make you happy.

After finding that perfect contractor, the scheduling and ordering supplies to put onto your roof and all the paperwork that comes with a roof replacement will happen.

During the actual installation portion of your commercial roof, the biggest thing to remember is that there will be a lot of noise!

Commercial roofing is very different from residential roofing. While residential roofs often mean ladders and such. Commercial roofing requires large pieces of equipment. They will produce noise, so be sure you are prepared for that.

Depending on how you can access your commercial roof, your installers may go in and out of your business while the replacement occurs.

How Can You Prepare For A Commercial Roofing Project?

Whether you want it or not, you must get it done ASAP when your commercial roof requires replacement. After all, when your roof is in bad shape, you are taking a considerable risk that it will negatively affect your business.

But how can you prepare for the project to start? Here are a few suggestions to help you prepare:

  • Make sure that you understand what will happen and when. The more knowledge you have about it, the better off you will feel.
  • Ensure that your roofers have a clear path to access your commercial roof, whether that means removing vehicles parked next to the building or the like.
  • Let your employees and customers know the roof replacement project is happening.
  • If the roofing contractor needs access to the roof from inside your building, be sure they can easily access this, which may mean moving products or ensuring a clear path to a ladder.

Your roofing contractor can inform you about the steps you may need to take to ensure you are prepared for your commercial roof replacement.

Tips For Azle, TX Business Owners Dealing
With Commercial Roofing

You can make your commercial roof replacement less of an issue for yourself and others in several ways. We have compiled a list of tips that you may want to consider!

  1. Choose a date for a replacement that works for your schedule. For example, replacing your roof when no one is on-site may be better if you are closed on the first of the week.
  2. Consider whether the roof replacement will interfere with regular business. Your roofing contractor does not intend to interrupt, but it may happen with equipment and roofing materials. If you expect interference, start brainstorming ways to avoid it affecting the business.
  3. Do your research on who to hire. Hiring the right professional to handle your commercial roof can make a huge difference in how significant your roof is and your overall experience.
  4. Consider opting for a commercial roof replacement to help your building be more energy efficient, as the savings could definitely pay off later.
  5. Ask questions. If you have questions about your commercial roof, be sure that you ask your professional roofer these questions. You will never know unless you ask!
  6. Always consider the future when replacing your commercial roof. For example, do you want solar panels added to the roof later? If so, you need to mention it to your roofer so they can ensure the new roof will be up to code to handle solar panels.
  7. Always consider the maintenance of the roof before opting for the material you want to use. Some require more maintenance than others, so you must evaluate how much time you want to spend on maintenance.

Free Quotes For Your Azle, TX Commercial Roofing Needs

As a local provider of Azle, TX commercial roofing, we know what you need and will go out of our way to ensure the process is more straightforward for you here at First Texas Roofing.

Call us today at 817-821-0323 for your free quote.

Large Commercial Building With Solar Panels On the roof
Can Solar Panels Damage My Commercial Roof? – Azle TX

Can Solar Panels Damage Azle, TX
Commercial Roofing?

The Risks And Rewards
Of Solar Panels

For many commercial building owners, being “more green” is appealing. However, that raises the question of whether solar panels could damage your Azle, TX commercial roofing.

Believe it or not, the worry of damage from solar panels is a highly debated topic. Since solar panels are relatively new in the commercial world, many building owners worry about how they will affect their roofs.

Could the solar panels lower the integrity of commercial roofing? Are solar panels worth the risk?

These are some of the questions that many Tarrant County building owners are asking. They are wise questions, as you never want to do something that could damage your commercial roof, even if the solar panels offer other benefits.

Do Solar Panels Damage Commercial Roofing?

All the experts, those who are installing solar panels, and roofers agree that solar panels do not cause damage to commercial roofing when installed correctly.

Correct installation is critical to solar panels not causing damage. The biggest issue seen when damage occurs is a commercial roof that is not ready to handle the heavy load that solar panels put onto it.

Commercial buildings must have their roofs built up to withstand the extra weight.

If you fear solar panels will damage your commercial roof, you do not need to. With the proper installation and the right roofers on your side, there will be no damage, and you will reap the benefits of solar panels.

How To Ensure Your Solar Panels Do Not
Damage Your Commercial Roofing

The key to ensuring that your roof does not suffer any damage is to take the time to find a professional to install your solar panels and work hand in hand with your roofer. Some of the questions you may want to ask both professionals include the following:

  • Can the roof handle the additional weight of the solar panels?
  • Can more people walk on the roof to check the solar panels after installation?
  • How will the solar panels be anchored to the roof, and will the process increase the chances of roof leaks later?

An installation expert should be able to answer these questions and go through any details about what may be needed to ensure your roof is completely safe after installing these solar panels.

If you have a roof that needs replacement, then now is the time to do it before installing solar panels. Remember, if you have solar panels installed and your roof needs to be replaced, it will require removing the solar panels to do so.

That is why many business owners considering solar panels will have their roofs inspected and potentially replaced before installing them.

Why Consider Solar Panels For Your Commercial Roofing?

Once you realize that solar panels will not cause damage to your roof, you may question why you should consider them. After all, solar panels can be relatively expensive. Hence, you want the rewards of the solar panels to offset the cost.

1. Renewable Energy Equals Lower Energy Costs

Since solar panels will equip your commercial building with renewable energy, you will see lower energy costs. Many businesses end up installing solar panels for this primary reason.

While it may take a few years to see your savings equal more than the cost of solar panels, it is still a way to save money in the long run.

2. Make Your Company More Green

With so many people worried about the environment, making your business more green will benefit your company. Installing solar panels is often businesses’ first step to showcase their green climate to the consumer market.

3. Cuts In Taxes Or Rebates Given

The government has encouraged many businesses to be more green in what they do. Installing solar panels on your commercial roof could make you eligible for tax cuts or rebates.

Are Solar Panels A Good Fit For Your Commercial Roofing?

While you may have a commercial building, that doesn’t mean solar panels are a good fit for your roof. Several standards must be met for your commercial roof to handle solar panels. These standards include:

Are Solar Panels A Good Fit For Your Commercial Roofing?

While you may have a commercial building, that doesn’t mean solar panels are a good fit for your roof. Several standards must be met for your commercial roof to handle solar panels. These standards include:

  • Roofs that face the South are a better fit for solar panels.
  • Solar panels work best with asphalt, metal, tile, and tar and gravel roofs.
  • The roof must have at least 480 square feet of space to use. Therefore, the larger the roof, the better the chance solar panels will work.

Flat and sloped roofs will both work for solar panels.

Commercial Roofing Care For Your Azle, TX Business

If your Azle, TX commercial roofing needs to be replaced, inspected, or repaired before you decide to go with solar panels, First Texas Roofing is here to help you.

Call us today at 817-821-0323 for your free quote.

Large Commercial Building With Parking Lot In Front
Types Of Commercial Roofing – Azle TX

5 Types Of Commercial Roofing In Azle, TX

Know Your Options To Make The Best Choice

If you were to research commercial roofing in Azle, TX, you would find it more complex than simply stating, “I need a commercial roof.” There are several different types, all of which have pros and cons.

Understanding the different types of commercial roofing in the Tarrant County area will help you decide what kind of roof you want for your business. While a professional roofer can help quite a bit, it is always best to understand the pros and cons of each.

Let’s look at the various types of commercial roofing so you can start the educational journey!

1. Asphalt Commercial Roofing

Asphalt shingles are not just for residential homes. Several commercial buildings use this material on their roofs. The benefits of using asphalt on commercial buildings include:

  • The least expensive roofing option out there
  • Fairly easy to have commercial roof repair completed when needed
  • Durable, as asphalt, when correctly cared for, can last longer than twenty years

The drawback to asphalt many commercial building owners find is the risk of shingles blowing away during significant windstorms. Plus, granule loss will always happen and can result in issues with your gutter system.

2. Commercial Metal Roofing

Metal commercial roofing is relatively common these days. It is a strong option with a long lifespan, which is one of the main reasons people opt for it. The benefits of metal roofing include:

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Resistant to wind and fire when properly installed
  • It is easy to maintain and requires very little work on your end

However, as with everything, there are drawbacks. Those with metal roofs often complain about the noise when storms roll through the area with large raindrops and hail pinging off the top. In addition, it is slightly more expensive than asphalt to install.

3. TPO Commercial Roofing Systems

TPO roofing is excellent for buildings with flat or low-sloped roofs. However, it is definitely not a roofing material you can install alone. The benefits of TPO roofing are:

  • It is considered a good value as TPO is inexpensive to install
  • Moderately durable as it often lasts from 15 to 20 years when cared for
  • TPO is resistant to moisture, heat, dirt accumulation, and other outdoor elements

So, what are the drawbacks of TPO? It is not a roofing material that every business owner can use depending on the roof’s slope. In addition, it will not perform as well in cold climates compared to other types of commercial roofing.

4. PVC Commercial Roofing Systems

PVC commercial roofing is often considered interchangeable with TPO. It is a bit more expensive than TPO but functions in much the same way.

The benefits of PVC roofing include:

  • Long lasting, as it is known to last 20 years or more
  • It is resistant to fires and chemicals
  • Works on any flat roof

However, remember that PVC has been known to crack when exposed to freezing temperatures. While this is not a massive concern in Azle, TX, it is something to keep in mind.

5. Modified Bitumen Commercial Roofing

Modified bitumen roofing is an older type of roofing that many businesses have gone away from, but some still rely on it. It offers benefits like:

  • It is super flexible and is known to withstand punctures
  • Easy to install on any flat roof
  • Resistant to weathering

The drawbacks of modified bitumen roofing are the potential cracks and upkeep. Modified bitumen is not something you can just install and forget – it requires more regular maintenance than other types of commercial roofing.

Which Commercial Roofing Will Work For Your Building?

With all the various types of commercial roofing on the market, deciding which roofing material will work best for your building can be difficult. For those deciding on a roofing material, here are some tips you can follow:

  1. Consider your climate. Asphalt and metal are great options, no matter your environment. With our weather here in Azle, TX, you will find that just about any commercial roofing materials will work.
  2. What is your budget? Asphalt can be an excellent option for those with a minimal budget when considering its longevity.
  3. Choose a roofing material that will work with your type of roof. A flat commercial roof will hold up better with PVC, modified bitumen, or TPO. A roof with a slope will work best with asphalt or metal.
  4. Consider any building codes that may need to be followed or even codes related to the community in which your building resides.
  5. What material is the existing roof? In most cases, people often decide to go with what they already have as it has served them well. However, that does not mean you cannot change the material if you desire.

Your commercial roofing contractor will be able to go over your options with you and determine what would work best with the roof structure.

Free Quotes For Commercial Roofing In Azle, TX

If you need commercial roofing in Azle, TX, First Texas Roofing is here to make it happen. We offer several types of commercial roofing that will fit your needs.

Call us today at 817-821-0323 for a free quote!

Side View Of Commercial Building
Winter Prep For Commercial Roof Systems

6 Tips For Preparing Your Azle, TX
Commercial Roofing For Winter

Ensure A Healthy Roof All Winter Long

While the winter weather is not a massive worry for Azle, TX commercial roofing, that doesn’t mean you can skip over preparation. On average, we only see a few inches of snow, but it gets cold.

And let’s not forget that Mother Nature sometimes throws us a curveball, and we end up getting a winter we are never prepared to handle!

The idea behind preparing your commercial roof for the winter is a way to ensure you are a conscientious business owner. It also provides relief in knowing that the health of your roof is in decent shape once springtime rolls around.

For property owners in Tarrant County who are wondering what they should do to their commercial roofs this fall so they are prepared for the winter, we have six tips to help you get organized.

1. Commercial Roofing Needs A Good Cleaning

When was the last time you cleaned your commercial roof? Most business owners don’t really pay attention to cleaning their roofs, and for good reason. After all, do you clean your residential roof?

It is often a concept that doesn’t enter their thoughts. However, cleaning your roof can greatly discourage critters from deciding it should be their winter haven.

For flat commercial roofs, birds, squirrels, and other pests often bring sticks, grass, and other nesting materials onto the roof. The key is to remove these before they start nesting – fall is a great time to do so.

2. Take A Look At The Grounds Around
Your Commercial Roofing

Take a step back and look at the entire property for potential threats that could come to light during the winter. One of the biggest threats during winter is ice and snow that can cause trees to break.

So, you want to pay attention to any limbs that could drop onto your roof, which could cause damage.

Fall is a great time to cut away any tree limbs that are getting too close for comfort. Doing so now can save you a ton of damage later.

3. Gutters Need To Be Cleaned On Your Azle, TX Building

The gutters of a commercial property, or any property for that matter, ensure water is directed away from the structure. We can see a lot of precipitation during the winter, so fall is the time to ensure your gutters are up for the task.

If your gutters are clogged, and you allow them to remain this way during the winter, you could face many issues. One issue would be water draining under the roof and causing massive damage, resulting in the need for a roof replacement.

However, if water were to be standing in the gutters when we hit freezing temperatures, the gutters could become so weighted that they rip away from the building. It is a huge and expensive mistake you would have to deal with.

4. All Commercial Roofing Repairs Need To Be Done

While roof repairs can happen during the winter, most professionals tell you to go ahead and get repairs out of the way before the weather turns bad. Why is that?

A commercial roof may have delicate points containing skylights, HVAC equipment, etc. If we are hit with snow, there is always a risk that a repair would result in other damage because the snow covers everything important.

Plus, if you already have a leak starting, it is best to correct it now rather than wait for melting snow to show you how awful the leak has gotten!

5. Have Your Commercial Roofing Inspected

Many commercial building owners have their roofs inspected every year. They understand that finding minor issues now is better than letting them go and the problem becoming major.

Fall is a great time to have a commercial roof inspection to find any damage that needs to be repaired before the winter hits.

6. Consider Snow And Ice Removal
Plans For Commercial Roofing

What would you do if a huge snow or ice storm is affecting your roof? You may worry that the weight of the snow or ice is too much. Or you may start to see the starting of an ice dam on your roof.

What would you do?

Now is the time to put those plans into place as to what to do and who to call if there are issues with your commercial roof during winter. While you may not have to use these plans, having them in place already is a great idea.

Remember, ice always has the potential to fall off your commercial roof, and if it were to hit someone in a parking lot, you could face a lawsuit. Talk with your professional roofer about what to do and what steps can be taken to prevent ice dams and the like from happening.

Will Using These Tips Ensure Your Azle, TX
Roof Is Safe This Winter?

While these six tips won’t guarantee your roof is safe this winter, they increase the odds of your commercial roof being fine.

The idea is to take the fall to prepare your roof as much as possible, to find any issues to correct them, and have plans to ensure you are protected.

A professional commercial roofer can give you more information on what you need to do to prepare, as there are always unique situations that some commercial business owners have to deal with.

Free Quotes For Commercial Roofing Inspection,
Repair & Replacement In Azle, TX

If you require a professional to examine your commercial roofing in Azle, TX, First Texas Roofing is here. We offer commercial roofing inspection, replacements, and repairs you can trust.

Call us today at 817-821-0323 for a free quote!

Metal Roof Portion Of Commercial Building
The Best Time For Commercial Roofing Replacement – Azle, TX

When Is The Best Time To Replace
Azle, TX Commercial Roofing?

Many Factors Affect When It Is Time
To Book Roof Replacement

Being a business owner means making many hard decisions, including when is the best time to replace your Azle, TX commercial roofing. Believe it or not, many business owners struggle with finding the time to ensure their building is up to code and where it should be.

So, what is the best time to consider a roof replacement for your commercial property? The honest answer to this question is that you should always replace your commercial roofing when needed.

Many Tarrant County commercial businesses wonder if there is a better time of the year to replace their roof or even if certain days are better than others. These are all factors that we will look at.

However, remember, if your commercial roofing has signs of wear and tear, it is best to schedule a professional to look before a minor issue becomes major.

Is There A Better Time Of Year For
Commercial Roofing Projects?

Timing your commercial roofing replacement project may seem like an impossible task. Do you replace it in the hot summer months? Or milder fall months?

Don’t worry – we have some pros and cons to consider for each season. Ultimately, spring and fall are great times of the year, with summer being a busy time for roof replacement projects.


The spring months are known for flowers blooming and warming temperatures. However, spring is also the time that you may have days of rain showers.

Scheduling a roofing project during the spring could be ideal as it is not hot yet. But, you do have to contend with the weather, meaning you could see a few delays on the project.


Known for being hot and dry, many commercial roofing projects occur in the summer. So, summer can be the ideal time to schedule your commercial roof replacement.

However, it is a super busy time for roofers. This means you may wait a few weeks for a date that works for you and your roofers due to their schedule.


The fall has falling temperatures, so you aren’t dealing with super humid heat. But you could have some inclement weather days to contend with.

Much like spring, fall can be a time to schedule your commercial roof project since the primary busy season of roofers has passed.


Yes, commercial roof projects can take place during winter. The Azle, TX area averages around two inches of snow yearly, so snowy conditions can delay roofing projects.

What Day Is Best To Replace Commercial
Roofing In Azle, TX?

Yes, there can be a day that is better for your commercial roofing project than other days of the week. However, it really depends on you.

For commercial businesses closed on certain days of the week, such as a Monday and Tuesday, because they rarely have customers that day, then having your roof replaced on the days you are closed is ideal.

If your business does not have a way that it is closed other than the traditional weekend in which the roofers may not work either, then it is up to you to decide on the day that best fits your schedule.

Luckily, a qualified commercial roofer will do their best to ensure they are not in the way of your customers or deliveries. They will work with you to guarantee the roof is replaced with minimal effect on your business.

While there may be issues with your parking lot having extra equipment, most business owners find that customers are okay with it since roof replacement is not a project that takes months to complete.

Decision Time: When To Opt For Commercial
Roofing Replacement

Now that you understand commercial roofing replacement can happen any time of the year, it is time to decide.

One of the primary considerations is whether your commercial roof requires replacement as soon as possible. If your commercial roof has severe damage that makes for unsafe working conditions or allows water to penetrate the building, you may want to replace it sooner rather than later.

Allowing damage to continue while you wait for the ‘perfect’ time to replace the roof can be a significant financial issue later. And may even affect your insurance rates.

If you opt to replace your roof due to age, yet the roof is still structurally sound, you can usually wait for the most convenient time.

The best way to determine if your roof replacement needs to happen now or later is to have a professional commercial roofer check the roof’s condition and report back to you. They can give an honest assessment of when the roof will need replacement before it results in damage to the building.

Free Quotes For Your Azle, TX Commercial< Roofing Replacement

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