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New Roof Raises Aledo Home’s Market Value

Family Replaces Hail-Damaged Roof

  • Upgraded home’s value with attractive new roof
  • Completed project quickly and easily
  • Durable new roof with solid warranty
  • Able to close home sale with new roof

Meet The Orrs

When the Orrs decided to put their Aledo, TX home on the market, they ran into an unexpected snag. A prospective buyer visiting their home pointed out the roof as a significant problem area. The roof, which had sustained damage from hail storms, was visually unappealing and gave the otherwise well-maintained home an unkempt look. The damaged roof also raised concerns about inner structural damage, incomplete protection from weather and inefficient insulation.

Looking For Quality And Promptness

The Orrs began searching for a reliable contractor online. In addition to looking for quality, they prioritized speed and promptness, as any delays meant losing potential buyers. Reading online reviews for First Texas Roofing, the Orrs were impressed with the consistent praise for its team’s work ethic and expertise. Among the contractors the Orrs ended up contacting, First Texas Roofing was able to provide an estimate promptly – the deciding point in its favor with the Orrs.

A Great Job in Record Time

new roof raises market value on aledo home

True to their word, our team was able to replace the Orrs’ roof in a timely way that allowed them to proceed with the sale of their home. We were able to further assist them in increasing their home’s value by recommending a Lifetime shingle for extra durability and weather resistance. The Texas First Roofing crew worked hard and went the extra mile to ensure that the customer’s high priority of timeliness was met, in addition to providing the top-quality workmanship that is the hallmark of our company.

“We are very pleased with the work and the cleanup of the job,” said the couple. Thanks to our crew, the Orrs were able to put their sale through as planned.

About First Texas Roofing

First Texas Roofing serves a variety of areas in the state of Texas that has been providing high-quality roof repair and replacement for almost 15 years. Contact us today for a free roof inspection + no-hassle, no-obligation estimate.