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Decatur Woman Saves Hail-Battered Home With New Roof, Flashing and Gutters

Cleaning Up The Mess with First Texas Roofing

  • Repaired storm damage
  • Installed gutters for proper drainage
  • Added durable chimney flashing
  • Simplified the claims process
  • Professional project oversight from start to finish

Severe Storm Damage Leaves Roof In Disrepair

Patricia already had problems with her roof after the previous contractors incorrectly installed a new set of chimney flashing, leaving her home vulnerable to leaks. After a sever hail storm hit and made things much worse, she new it was time to find someone who would really get the job done.

damage on a roof in decatur tx

Choosing A Reliable Contractor

As someone who had experienced problems with contractors being messy, careless, and ill-equipped to handle the entire scope of her project, Patricia was serious about finding someone reliable. She talked to neighbors and friends in Decatur, who all pointed her to First Texas Roofing. Not only could they restore her chimney flashing, gutters, and roof to working condition, but also handle the entire insurance claims process from start to finish.

Rebuilding Trust And A Roof

When our crew arrived at Patricia’s house, we found extensive storm damage as well as malfunctioning chimney flashing. The previous contractors had used multiple pieces of silicone tubing to try to thwart leaks, which ultimately had the opposite effect. We were able to create a custom flashing kit and counter-flash it into the exiting brick to stop leaks for good. We also added extra downspouts and patio flashing to improve drainage. The final outcome looks beautiful and functions exactly as it should.

Patricia is not only pleased with how her new roof looks, but also with the careful oversight from start to finish. She reports that her property is cleaner than it was before after finishing the project, and is relieved to have finally found a roofer worthy of her trust.

new roof replacement in decatur tx by first texas roofing

About First Texas Roofing

First Texas Roofing is a fully licensed and insured roofing contractor specializing in roof repair, roof replacement, and insurance claims in the Ft. Worth, TX area, with an emphasis on outstanding service. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation roof inspection and estimate!

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