Are Your Shingles Good Enough To Protect Your Home?

Are Your Shingles Good Enough To Protect Your Home?

If you recently purchased or are living in an older home, you might have a worry in the back of your mind regarding the age and reliability of your roof. Your roof is a major component that helps to protect your home from the elements. The strong outer armor of the home is composed of shingles that form a tough barrier. There are easy ways that you can see if your shingles are too old or damaged thus posing a risk to your home. After identifying damage, contact a quality Fort Worth roofing company to repair or replace your roof.

Shingle Warping And Wear

You might be able to inspect your shingles from the ground outside your home. Unless you are experienced and can safely mount your roof, do not climb on your roof. Carefully look for shingles that are warped or bent. If you live in a hot area, check the shingles on the side of the home that gets the most direct sunlight. In a windy area, inspect the portion of your roof that is exposed to the strongest winds. Some shingles like those made with asphalt, have an outer grain or gritty substance that coats the outer surface of the shingle. If this grain is missing or worn down, it is likely time to repair or replace your Fort Worth roofing. When you contact a professional, ask if your shingle damage might be a result of a manufacturer’s defect, as this may qualify you for a special reimbursement.

Missing Shingles

After a strong storm, take time to inspect your roof for missing shingles. Even if a qualified Fort Worth roofing company installed your roof, a severe storm can dislodge some of your shingles. Make it a priority to detect and repair damage quickly after a storm as missing shingles can significant damage to your home.