Aledo, TX Maintenance & Residential Roof Repair Guide

Your Guide To Roof Maintenance In Aledo, TX
And How To Know When To Call For
Residential Roof Repair

Learn What You Can Do
And When You Need A
Roofing Contractor

Most homeowners believe that being a responsible homeowner means knowing what maintenance items to have on your to-do list for your roof. It also means you know when to call for residential roof repair in Aledo, TX.

Parker County homeowners can handle several roof maintenance items on their own. In most cases, they are not maintenance items that require getting up on the roof. It should be noted that if you do need someone on the roof, a roofing contractor is your best option to avoid injury to yourself.

Your Aledo, TX Roof Maintenance Items To-Do List

Roof maintenance is a way to ensure that you are keeping your roof in good working order. It is also a way to ensure you get the most life out of your roof. Many times, residential roof repairs could have been avoided if proper maintenance had been completed.

1. Ensure Tree Limbs Are Nowhere Near Your Roof

If you have tons of trees near your home, then you want to ensure that their limbs are nowhere near your roof. While you cannot stop all potential roof damage by keeping tree limbs away, you are doing your part.

You don’t want any tree limbs to brush against your roof or rest against the roof at all. If a storm were to come through the area, these limbs that are close to your roof could be thrown onto the roof, causing significant damage.

By keeping things cut away from the roof, you are taking the first proactive step in maintaining your roof for the future.

2. Clean Out The Gutters Seasonally

Your gutters have the important job of helping to direct rainwater away from your home and keep the foundation safe. However, the gutters are also an important component of your roofing system.

If your gutters become clogged, water can sit inside the gutters and then slowly leech back under the roof, resulting in leaks throughout the interior of your home. Water standing near the edge of your roof can also result in the growth of mold and mildew, which can affect the integrity of the roofing material.

3. Visually Inspect Your Roof From The Ground After Storms

When storms come through the area, you need to go outside and visually inspect your roof once the storm has passed. You are looking for any damage you can see on the roof and signs throughout your yard that your roof has been affected.

For example, if you find shingles in the yard, you need a professional roofer to determine what repairs will be needed.

4. Have A Yearly Inspection By A Professional

To keep on top of any issues before they become major problems, you will want to opt for a yearly inspection of your roof by a professional. A professional will find any minor repairs needed before they affect your home.

If a storm has passed through the area, some homeowners opt for an inspection to occur afterward because they want to ensure their roof is in good shape. It is a good idea for those who want to get the most life out of their roof!

When To Call A Professional For Residential Roof Repair

While performing your roof maintenance, there will be situations in which you need to contact a professional roofer to handle your repair. What types of situations constitute a need for a residential roof repair?

When you notice any type of damage on your roof, then call a professional. For example, during your visual inspection, if you notice that you have missing shingles, this is a job for a professional roofer. Trying to fix this on your own may result in more damage if you are unsure what to do.

If you have leaks inside your home, the damage to your roof is done, and a professional will need to determine where the damage is so they can repair it. The professional can also determine if a repair is insufficient and if a roof replacement is the best option.

For the most part, if you fear an issue with your roof, you need a professional roofer for the repairs. Too often, people try to repair their roofs, making it worse.

Yes, you can tarp a roof if you feel there is a leak and want to prevent future damage to the interior of your home. However, if you fear for your health and safety, a professional can tarp the roof before the repair happens.

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