8 Reasons For Roof Leaks

8 Reasons For Roof Leaks

If you have ever had a leaky roof, you know about the inconvenience and expense it can cause. If you are in need of roofing in Fort Worth, Texas, a qualified and experienced roofer knows how to get it fixed fast so you can get back to a dry home. Before a leak starts, you can check your own roof for these 8 possible causes of leakage:

1. Debris –Leaves, pine needles and twigs can clog your gutters and trap excess water on your roof. It helps to keep nearby trees with overhanging branches trimmed.

2. Clogged Gutters – When gutters get stopped up, the water from rain or melted snow has nowhere to go except into your walls or foundation. Check for poor drainage and get it fixed quickly by someone who knows roofing in Fort Worth, Texas.

3. Damaged Flashing–Metal roof flashing is meant to create a seal where two sections of roof meet. These places are prime areas where water can seep in and ruin your home.

4. Holes or Other Damage – Inspect the roof for any holes from fallen branches, hardware like antennas or any other kinds of damage. If you find a leak, get the professionals to check your roofing in Fort Worth, Texas and seal any holes you discover.

5. Missing Shingles–Wind can damage a roof and take off shingles, letting water past the tarpaper.

6. Wrong Slope or Pitch –When a roof’s slope, or pitch, is not steep enough, its easy for the wind to get underneath shingles. The International Building Code states that a roof must rise at least 2 inches for every foot in height. Have a professional check your roofing in Fort Worth, Texas to make sure your roof’s slope meets code.

7. Damaged Ridge Cap – The ridge cap is a long strip of material that covers the gap where the two slopes meet at the peak of a roof. These can get damaged, allowing rain to enter.

8. Age –Weather and time can damage a roof’s integrity. If your roof is over 15 years old, you may want to have someone inspect it.