8 FAQs About Residential Roofing & Solar Panels

8 FAQs About White Settlement, TX Solar
Panel Installation On Residential Roofing

What You Need To Know Before You Install
Residential Roofing Solar Panels

The idea of being more green is appealing to many homeowners in the area. However, if solar panels on your White Settlement, TX residential roofing is one of the ideas on your to-do list, you may want to take the time to really think it through.

Many of those in Tarrant County are surprised at just how much goes into making sure solar panels are a good fit for their roof. It is not as simple as people think – your roof might not be a good candidate for solar panels.

For this reason, we have compiled everything you need to know before you start installing solar panels on your residential roofing.

1. Will Solar Panels Work On Any
Roof In White Settlement, TX?

While you could possibly have solar panels installed on any type of roof, it is important to note that several aspects must be met to truly get the benefit of having them installed.

For one, a roof that does not face the true South will not benefit from recharging from the sun. While some put solar panels onto a roof that faces East or West, they often find their solar panels are not giving them the energy that they had hoped for.

In addition, if your roof is mostly in the shade, solar panels could be a waste of money.

Solar panels do require a slanted roof to work properly.

You must also consider the condition of your roof. Most experts agree that adding solar panels to an aging roof that shows signs of degeneration is simply asking for trouble. Solar panels are heavy, so your roof has to be strong enough to handle the added weight.

2. Can Solar Panels Be Attached To Any
Type Of Residential Roofing Material?

In most cases, solar panels can be added to any type of roofing material a home has. The process for how these are attached to the roof will differ according to the type of roof material.

Asphalt roofing is the most common roofing material throughout the United States. Solar panels have been shown repeatedly to work great with asphalt roofs.

3. Do Solar Panels Lower The Lifespan
Of Residential Roofing?

This question is where the answer gets tricky. Many roofers claim that the added weight of these solar panels does affect the overall lifespan of the roof. After all, more weight means an increase in how fast the roof breaks down.

However, solar panel experts claim they will not affect the roof’s lifespan.
Ultimately, if your roof is in good shape and is relatively new, most homeowners do not find that solar panels affect the lifespan. If you were to install solar panels onto a roof that is already near the end, then yes, the weight of the solar panels could cause more damage.

4. Is White Settlement, TX A Good Place
For Solar Panels On Roofs?

The weather of an area can affect whether homeowners will find solar panels worth the cost and work or not. However, in our area, solar panels are being used by homeowners.

While we see some partly cloudy skies throughout the fall and winter months, the sunshine is enough to help power these solar panels.

Remember, when storms pass through the area, you can see damage to your solar panels. After all, hail and wind are two components we see a lot of when faced with severe weather.

5. What Should Be The First Steps To Installi

One of the first steps is to inspect your roof. Let your roofer know that you are considering solar panel installation.

The roofer can then examine your roof and give an honest opinion of the shape that it is in. While the roofer may not be the professional who will install the solar panels, they are the experts in roofing.

6. Will I Need New Residential Roofing
To Install Solar Panels?

You might find that a roof replacement is the only way to install solar panels. Most solar panel experts will not install panels on a roof past its prime.

Plus, if you consider the average lifespan of solar panels is up to 30 years, and a typical roof is around 25 years, you don’t want to install panels onto an aging roof. Otherwise, you will have to remove the panels to replace the roof in a few short years.

7. Are Solar Panels Worth It For
Tarrant County Homeowners?

There are several benefits to installing solar panels onto your home’s roof. These Benefits include:

  • Reduced electric bills
  • Tax credits may be available
  • Could increase the value of your home

For anyone who wants to go green and become more energy-independent, solar panels are one of the prime ways people do so.

8. Are There Dangers Of Installing Solar
Panels On Residential Roofing?

There are always dangers when you change anything on your roof. For example, some homeowners have complained about holes being put into their roofs to hold these solar panels that have later leaked.

Other people have complained about the weight of the solar panels, which later affects the roof and makes it bow in certain areas.

The key to ensuring you do not fall victim to these dangers is to have a professional roofer examine your roof and install your solar panels.

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