5 Roofing Repair Myths Debunked

When you have a problem, it seems like everyone, from your coworkers to your aunt to the person in the elevator with you, has advice for you to follow. Combine that with all the information on the internet, and you may be overwhelmed with advice about your roofing work. Unfortunately, this advice is often contradictory and rarely comes from experts. Because of this, there are several roofing myths floating around that homeowners often believe. If you have questions about roofing repair or replacement, it’s still best to go to a trusted roofing contractor for answers. Here are 5 of the most persistent roofing myths.

It’s Easier to DIY Your Roofing Repair

DIY projects are popular because, in theory, they’re more affordable. It’s also not a bad ego boost to feel like you can repair your roof all on your own. Unfortunately, roofing work often involves unforeseen risks and damages that even a handy homeowner might not be prepared to handle. It’s more than just replacing shingles. Do you know how to repair a leak for the long term and how to avoid them in the future? Do you know what to do about roof rot or ice dams? DIY roofing projects can also be risky because if the homeowner makes any mistakes in the repair, they’ll have to cover the damage. If you hire a roofing contractor, any damage from accidents is covered on their end, and they’ll be better able to spot and resolve complicated roofing problems.

Roof Maintenance is not Gutter Maintenance

Your roof gutters protect your roof from water damage that could lead to leaks or roof rot. If the gutters are clogged or leaking, this could spell disaster for your roof. Roof gutter maintenance is often neglected in DIY roof maintenance because it’s seen as a less pressing problem than roofing maintenance, but the two issues go hand-in-hand. If you let your gutter maintenance fall by the wayside, it will cause more problems for you to deal with in roof maintenance.

No Damage Seen, No Damage Done

Many homeowners think they know what a bad roof looks like: curled or broken shingles, cracks of light in the attic, sagging, discolored sections of the roof. These are all important signs, to be sure, but just because you don’t notice any of these things doesn’t mean that the the roof is in perfect shape. A roofing contractor should perform a thorough roof inspection to ensure that there are no hidden problems that could be eating away at the lifespan of your roof.

You Only Need a Roof Inspection When There’s a Problem

Much like only going to the dentist when you have a cavity or only going to the doctor when you’re obviously sick can be damaging to your health, waiting for disaster to strike before you hire a roof inspection can be damaging to your roof’s health. You should certainly have your roof inspected after a bad storm, but the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) also recommends having it inspected twice a year, during spring or fall. These regular inspections can help you to catch roofing problems early and repair them before too much damage is caused, and that could cost you less money in the end.

All Roofing Contractors Are the Same

It matters who you hire to do your roof repair or replacement. How much experience does your roofing contractor have? In your area? How much experience do they have with your particular problem? What do their customers say about them? It might be tempting to hire the cheapest roofing contractor, but that could cost you more in the long run when you have to have roof repair performed more frequently. Do your research to ensure you’re hiring a roofing contractor you can trust to do a thorough inspection and perform quality, lasting roof repairs.

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